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[ News ] Server Merge Requests - Week of March 7th


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Dear Ninjas,

We will be collecting inputs from players for server merger purposes. This thread will be renewed on Monthly basis to ensure continuous communication between players and moderators in regards to server and merger status.

Please be informed that a server needs to be at minimum age of 2 months starting from the date it opened as one of the requirements to be merge. The server merger will take place once every 2 weeks (we reserve the right to delay or cancel server merges due to unforeseen circümstances).

We have records of the activity rate, which are taken into consideration for merging.

Kindly provide the information in the following examples within your “Merge Request” together with the screenshots listed below:

- Screenshot of the Power (Top 20)

- Group GNW Ranking

- Group Power Ranking

- World Boss Ranking

Our merger will now prioritize those servers that is yet to be merged. Any merged server that applied for a 2nd merge will be put at the end of our list we hope you understand.

Example 1 (Single Server): -

1.Server ID: S1127

2. Server Region: LA

3. Server Age: Estimated 4+ months (based on date opening to current date)

4. Time taken to kill World Boss: 8 minutes++

5. World Boss HP on Tuesday: 12M

6. No. of group participating in Great Ninja War: 1 or sometimes none

7. Average Power Rank of Top 5, Top 10, Top 20: AVG Top 5: 20K, AVG Top 10: 18K, AVG Top 20: 15K

Example 2 (Previously Merged Server): -

1.Server ID: S467 (S467 - S484 - S517)

2. Server Region: HK

3. Server Age: Estimated 2 years - merged 1 year ago (based on date opening to current date and previous merge)

4. Time taken to kill World Boss: 12 minutes++

5. World Boss HP on Tuesday: 51 Million

6. No. of group participating in Great Ninja War: 1

7. Average Power Rank of Top 5, Top 10, Top 20: AVG Top 5: 56K, AVG Top 10: 40K, AVG Top 20: 29K

Notes: -

- All screenshots should be showing the Server ID and Date+Time that is presented on the top left header of your browser/client window.

- Any comments unrelated to a server merge request or any replies are subject to be deleted.

- Any posts that will not be in-line with the required information and screenshots as illustrated in the examples; will be deleted.

In case you participated in the previous threads; you may post a new “Merge Request" if you feel the information provided previously is outdated. This will ensure our assessment will always be up to date to your server condition.

Spam posts doesn't help. Please update us with new posts ONLY if there is changes in the information you provided previously.


Naruto Online Operation Team

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