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[ Suggestions ] Group funds for summon chakra


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Is there a chance, that ability to use group funds for summon chakra would be added?

This might be mainly for long-playing groups, that have already gotten all group ranks and group updates, but most groups should get to this point with enough time. After that only need for group funds is filing group's 3 summons. That means most groups start to have overflow of group funds at that point and this would be a way to get those to use.

Group summon needs 500 group funds and 500 summon chakra to stay at top. Each. That means 1500 funds and chakra daily. Level 110 player can donate 900 group funds, so 2 players of that level is enough for daily funds. On the other hand, summon chakra is gotten a lot less often. You can get 6 chakra packs from activity points + randomly from group lucky wheel. But you'll need 5 different chakras to be able to give a full set to group, that's worth 25 summon chakra. If you give individually, each chakra is worth only 2 summon chakra each. That means 60 players should give daily a full set for daily summon needs, or 125 players with individual chakras. And sets can be given only if you're lucky to get a full set of 5 out of daily chakra packs. This doesn't seem fully balanced: 2 players needed for 1 daily resource, but way lot more needed for another.

I do know there are more ways to get summon chakra, but it doesn't seem enough. Extra group summon frags can be converted to summon chakra, but group summon can be done only twice a week. Group shop had chakra packs for group victories and mysterious shop has same packs for strange stones, but these use players own resources that they might need for their own needs (power items, frags,etc). And like I said, most maxed groups tend to have lots of group funds, that they might never get to use because they have so much of them.

I know this suggestion might be asking for a big thing, but it would help a lot of older groups and in future newer groups as well. So, please could you send this suggestion ahead, so it had a chance to be added to Chinese version and therefore later on our own? Thanks.

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I will submit this suggestion.

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Yes, I know that 1 person could possibly donate the amount needed, but that active donators usually donate all of the sets they have and have to start saving up sets once again. An that could take more time that summons need.

And yes, I know we have a system to trade summon chakras to help us get a whole set. But we're limited to 3 trades a day. And most often players are not lucky enough to need different chakras, I have seen many players trying to trade same chakras competing for same trades.

And yes, using summon chakra for less than 3 summons is possible, but it would still mean lower power from group summons for every member of the group. Even when we have reached the point that group summons aren't that big of a help in GNW anymore, they still give a buff to group's members power.

I wrote this in perspective of someone, who'd wi*'d be possible to earn same amount, that is needed daily. And to get some use for group funds, that are currently mostly just a number in groups stats.

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