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[ Suggestions ] New servers connecting with old servers in 3v3 (or anything pvp)


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Last night, a team I was with connected with a new server. Well they claimed they were from a new server. If that is the case. That isn't right. Old servers had time to build up their teams and get high initiative, and the whales on the old servers is another story. New servers don't stand a chance, I don't even think new servers with their whales would have much of a chance either. Their only hope honestly is for people to let them have the win. New servers should only be able to connect with other new servers in PVP, at least for now, until they have time to build up stats and teams. Getting destroyed every single time might make them lose motivation to play. The best ninja I saw the enemy have was a Naruto[Sage Mode]. None of them had an event ninja.

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I will pass it along.

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