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[ Fanfiction ] 14th of February, does that ring a bell? (MB x SB, rated T, m/m ship obviously)


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Okay so. This forum is half-a-leg in the grave but. Happy Valentines Day!

I don't know what to say except nothing really happens here (aka they don't kiss or say anything too romantic but you know), the relationship is kind of there but not there yet? The line is a blur but they're intended as a pairing so that's it. I hope you'll have fun reading this and idk, if this site doesn't collapse in a year maybe I'll still be around and haunting it with the protags' content.

+ for the curious souls, a hint: this was loosely inspired by a meme and Scarlet's Nekomata clothing : P

edit: wow, the old-school censorship on here is really something lmfao


Scarlet knew something was brewing up. Not only was Midnight standing idly on the border of the training field he’s been occupying, which Scarlet’s superior an*lysis abilities easily recognized as at least susp*cious and uncommon, but the rest of his teammates’ chakras could be also felt in the nearby area albeit faintly as if they were actually kind of trying to hide. Which they weren’t, because their sensei had taught them well and this level of incompetence, when they were all chunins, would be nothing but laughable. So, something was happening, something he hadn’t been a part of, and as the lead prankster of their team, he kind of didn’t like that. But he couldn’t help being ever curious so he let Midnight be and continued his training regime without a hitch, kunai and shuriken marking all of his targets.

It took about ten more minutes before the lightning nin finally took a few steps towards him but there was enough hesitance to his moves that it actually made him wonder if something went wrong and this was the way he was going to find out. There was no point in pretending to not have sensed Midnight’s presence now so he acknowledged his presence with a quick glance before turning away to collect his sc*ttered weaponry.

Alright, Midnight was taking his sweet time to close that gap of about two hundred meters between them, fine. It was a hilarious thing to think about if one knew of his actual speed in combat, not to mention the numbers he could reach in open areas while not under any threat. Just as he was fetching the last shuriken from the training doll, the sound of quiet footsteps reached him, which signaled the perfect moment to whirl around and give the other boy a questioning look.


“Hello to you too, Midnight.”

Midnight made a face that could be roughly translated to “You could’ve let me finish the sentence first, really.” but quickly parried with a:

“We’ve already seen each other in the morning, you don’t get two hellos a day.”

“How stingy!”

“I’m fine with that.”

Scarlet laughed at that and if he squinted enough he could see Midnight’s mouth corners rising a bit as well, hesitance loosening its grip on him. They should get to the point then, it was getting dark.

“Okay, tell me what’s-”

“Do you want to hit the shops?”

They stared dumbly at each other, processing the clash of words.

“Wait, what? Yes. Yes, but why are you asking?”

Midnight actually looked a bit offended here. What on Earth was this about?

“Blaze, you’ve been whining about the decorations and limited sweets and seasonal discounts and heavens know whatnot for about a week now. Don’t play dumb.” He looked really unimpressed at the end of it, the memories of the other boy’s laments still fresh in his mind.

That’s when it finally clicked and Scarlet, for once in his life, felt actually kind of stup*d. How could he have forgotten?? Well, actually after that mission they took two days ago he thought he deserved to be cut some slack as the captain but still-

“I actually forgot. Sorry, I- I really did. Kami!”

Were his cheeks heating up? Really, he was too old for this. Whoever was weaving the threads of fate must’ve read too many romantic cliches lately because this was simply embarrassing. And his friends wouldn’t let him live this down, he could already see that with how their chakra signatures were wavering around. Bast*rds and traitors, all of them!

“You did.” Midnight was genuinely surprised.

“Look, the decorations and shop displays have been up for two weeks at least already! You can’t wholly blame me for this, it was also overexposure!” he grumbled, trying very hard to defend his honour with questionable success.

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Midnight rolled his eyes but Scarlet could see he was debating something in his mind. Whatever it was though, Midnight seemed to cast it aside quickly enough. As if…

“So… let’s go?”

Scarlet’s brows furrowed ever so slightly.

“Ask me the right question first.”



“You could have let it slide, really.”

“Come on, use your words, Midi. It can’t be that hard. Or risky, for the matter.”

The way Midnight fought to form words would’ve been mildly entertaining if not for the fact that he could tell it was something important this time. So he waited. Waited and prayed that Breeze wouldn’t run out of patience and jump in to solve things her way. Which wasn’t necessarily bad but he did appreciate the rare moments of honesty between him and the Blade heir.

“…Will you be my Valentine?”

He blinked. And then, because it turned out their sensei was right and he could be on occasions the devil’s incarnate, flashed Midnight the cheekiest smile he could manage.

“Mmm, you know I don’t like that term!”

“What the hell! What do you want to be called then?!”

Scarlet let their eyes meet and took his delight at the moment Midnight realized it was a trap question.

“No, don’t answer that, I don’t want to know!”

But it was certainly too late for that and they both knew it. So Scarlet walked past the distance that still separated them and nonchalantly swung an arm around Midnight’s shoulders, doing his best to ignore the embarrassing wave of fuzziness that hit him at the contact.

“Hmm, what about ‘cute little meow meow’?”

Midnight immediately tried to shove him away and wow, his speed was back, but Scarlet for all of his wits had already anticipated that and clung on, laughing heartily at his more-than-friends partner because really. Really. This? This was all it was about.

And if his friends decided to accompany them, he was more than happy to have them around. Even if they were going to tease the hell out of the both of them… Not like he couldn’t point out that they could only do so because they all hid in the bushes like cowards just to do some eavesdropping.

And if the owner of the restaurant they’ve decided to dine at almost popped a vein at their statement about being in a five-people polycule then so be it, he should’ve thought it through twice before hanging the ‘discount for your partner’ ad.

And if… If Midnight decided that the perfect revenge would be telling the waiter his order as “For my cute little meow meow”… Scarlet… could live with that. He might’ve not been able to look any of the staff in the eye that night but hey, wasn’t that the alright price to pay for the time with his most cherished companions? He knew the answer would always be a yes.

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