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[ Player Guide ] Konoha's Great Tree 160k Spend!


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Due to being busy; I forgot to post about my last time spending 160k in Konoha's Great Tree.


Long story short; if you go with the mind set of getting a ninja such as Obito [Ten Tails Jinchuriki] or Shisui [Susano'o].
You will be disappointed as the drop rate of Obito [Ten Tails Jinchuriki] was for me 3.6k 1 fragment, and it seems Shisui [Susano'o] is around the same drop rate. I would only recommend to go for Tree to get such ninjas, if you are close to piecing them; or of course if you want the side ninjas, as they do have a drop rate around the 1k coupon per fragment.

In my opinion; going deep in Tree, is when you can get the most potential out of it, due to how much value lvl 7 holds.

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Nice thread
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