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[ Suggestions ] new orochimaru


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Can you please change it so orochimaru cant summon such powerful ninja's. i faced 1 yesterday which summoned both edo tensei minato (or was it naruto) and then hokage (water type) within the first 2 rounds. Makes it hard when the opponent has 2 extra ninjas and also 2 that are strong. Seems a bit unfair especially if you aint got a very good lineup yourself and for new players who wouldnt really have any great ninja's to use

Also think kakuza might be too strong. Im just under 200k and i lose about 1/2 my full life from just 2 of kakuza attacks

PLEASE seriously consider making changes to these 2 ninjas asap

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If you are talking about Arena (pretty sure otherwise kakuzu dmg is not a problem in regular fights) then entire thing should be reworked. 10k hp in 2022 is a joke, it was fine back in a day but right now ninjas are so much stronger that surviving round 1 is a challenge. (1 stack of ignite + strong poison is also completly unbalanced and removes close to half of your hp which doesn't happen in normal fight, basicly ignite is total bs in arena dmg wise)

Not to mention teams like Toad Jirayia + GNW Orochimaru + Indra are instant 1 shot in arena and there is nothing you can do about it. I can go shower put auto battle and come back to 6path rank that's how disgusting op that setup is and how unbalanced arena became.

At least new event colosseum arena that dropped in China is balanced around current powercreep and ninjas there have 80k hp.

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While you are at it, please take out Shisui Susanoo, Obito10t and Madara10t bc they are too OP for me. I can't beat them. Would be nice if the game worked like this Gaming Life would be so much easier.

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Hello, if you have issues facing specific units or teams, I suggest visiting the Strategy section either here on the forums, or on the Discord server, and ask for advise!

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any one under 200k power will lose in firist 2 round you should get strong ninja and make your power higher not make ninja week

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