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[ Events ] The cost of some things in this game... is funny.


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I went to the black market dealer today, and saw this for the frags-for-coupons option. I'm trying to make sense of this, and I just find it hilarious. 3000 ingots for 3 frags of someone you can buy (1) in the amu*t park ingot sale (when the shows up, they always change things) for what I think was 14000 ingots, or you can just get him in treasure of the sage for 1400 coupons like I did. At 1000 ingots a frag...
They are saying he is worth more than Shisui Suanoo per frag, and of equal worth as obito.
Screenshot 2022-01-24 6

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I’m getting him for free twice in mission gift box

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