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[ Help ] Fragment exchange or skill trial


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Should I go for fragments exchange or skill trial.(I have only 27 frags)

Someone in the game suggested me to not to use protection vial until I get Y+2 in (power of 6 paths)skill.

Is there any certain no. Of chances I require until I can full bt naruto sosp in the skill trial. Or it is rng based.

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  • Maksys93 On 2022-01-30 04:00:49
  • Depends if you can afford the frags needed for the last sb .

    You are somewhere along the 20k coupons for the garanteed last sb.

    Now take into account that you will need 4 prot per try and that you are on the worst possible situation currently : There is only 1 better outcome for a 1 vial 4 prot cost .

    You may get the last sb quickly or it may requires 30+ vials (and 120+ prot ).

Previously I had 400 protection vials =100 chances

But it didn't change a single bit but instead I lost that +1

After few days I tried again with 20 or 24 protection vials I got +1 again.

So I am wondering that do I need 800 protection vials or more.

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