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[ Help ] Fragment exchange or skill trial


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I'd remove one of the protections so you have a better chance if you do 2 trials. Then decide how many you prots you will feed the rng with. If you don't manage get to collecting frags. Anyway ninjas get out of fashion faster these days. Previously we had cycle of about 6 months now is about 2-3 before a new ninja comes out to take the top spot. I remember that I played Edo Minato for about 6 months as he was quite relevant. Then Madara 10t retired him partially. Then Madara GNW came in, Then Kisame. Then think how quickly there was Obito trials, Naruto 6p and Madara GNW. Now we have Shisui who broke the game again. XD. I am just curious what will kill Shisui.

The point is - I don't get my head *ing too much to one ninja. I now go for variety.

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