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can someone explain lev freezing to me?


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like what is it good for and what lev should I freeze. Also does it help with survival trial?

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Level freezing depends entirely on your cluster; the reason players decide to level freeze is, because it might give them an advantage in Sage. The lower your level the higher the chance it is you will dropped in an easier sage.

But if your server doesn't have much participants in Sage to begin, there will be only 1 Sage, and at that point it really doesn't have any use to level freeze. And the question then remains, even if you are in lower Sage will you be able to get top 3. If not I would not recommend it.

What level freezers go to, to stay on the same level for as long as possible, is they dont do anything exp related; such as:

- Team Instance
- Ninja Exams
- Nine Tails
- Claiming Dailies
- Sweeping Instances

Hope this helped~

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Very short explanation: you get more refines but less other stuff. Means you will need more time for lower power

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