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[ Suggestions ] Server Growth Filter System


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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I have noted it and will pass it along. To start with, I would like to state that there is currently no method to transfer accounts between different servers. However, I would also like to ask for clarification on a few different points. Firstly, at what point do you draw the line for "normal account growth"? A big spender doing all Infinite Tsukuyomis? Then a small spender would appear above the average account growth, then smart/lucky f2p players... at what point would the line have to be drawn? Also, what if the bigger spenders have accounts in multiple different servers, and their character is forced to transfer, then it would create a huge conflict when it comes time to transfer.
In regards to your second idea, it would appear as if server merges are happening less frequently than they used to, do you think this frequency is helping combat this issue? What do you think would be ideal?

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