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[ Suggestions ] Server Growth Filter System


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Hi there
Before I even start writing what this is about let me go ahead and clarify that my server is perfectly healthy, I enjoy playing there and I wish for it to remain unmerged for some time more despite not being even in the top10 of power.

Now, basically I wanted to submit a request to delay the merging of newer servers. In my opinion servers with less than 7-8 months of life shouldn't be eligible to request a merge. Why is that? Well, every player that has been around for at least a year is more or less aware of how population issues work in this game.
A new server opens and it gets people running away from older servers in an attempt to compete there since they failed to do so in their previous servers, or they had to quit them for whatever reason.

However, I really see the need here of creating a filter or a group of control for newer servers. Because "server killers" do exist.
A server killer is a whale that goes out of control and single handedly kills its own server, there's plenty of examples of dead servers with 1-2 players having like ten times the power of the rest of the players from their server and that is digusting. If they'd remain alone in those servers it'd be fine because they earnt it but that doesn't happen, we get them here complaning in need of a merge and on top of that they get priority over older servers that actually need it more and for proper reasons rather than for spenders going crazy.

Just like I stated at the start of this post, this is a problem that doesn't even affect me in the slightest but in any way I'd like to report it because I was checking the Sakura ranking players out of pure boredom and curiosity and when I landed on some of their servers to have a look at them what I found there made my stomach feel not-so well. Like I said, some players in fairly new servers with x8 or x10 the power of people under top3 that in some cases are already stronger than some players in the top10 of my server which is over 2 years old. That is horrendous for any other player sharing server with those people and they don't deserve going through that experience.

My first approach to the issue would definetely be designing a group of moderators to check for some time newer servers and if they detect that certain players go absolutely out of their normal range in a normal healthy player growth they report their cases and have these player relocated to other servers in which they can compete VS players in their power range. There are hundreds of servers that could absorb these whales without suffering at all for their arrival and we'd be saving from extinction new players that will die before the battle can even load and will eventually quit the game as it is only normal.
This would be the most effective solution, but to be completely honest if we don't have enough staff to even give forum event prizes on time I'm completely aware that there's no way of having this done, sadly.

Therefore the second measure, delay merging times for newer servers. Give priority to older server and by doing that there'll be less of these server killers since they won't be able to completely dismotivate and empty their servers in about three months and if they do they'll be playing alone for quite some time, which is pretty deserved considering the damage they're doing to both players and the game itself.

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  • tylermotoki On 2022-01-20 14:49:50
  • Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I have noted it and will pass it along. To start with, I would like to state that there is currently no method to transfer accounts between different servers. However, I would also like to ask for clarification on a few different points. Firstly, at what point do you draw the line for "normal account growth"? A big spender doing all Infinite Tsukuyomis? Then a small spender would appear above the average account growth, then smart/lucky f2p players... at what point would the line have to be drawn? Also, what if the bigger spenders have accounts in multiple different servers, and their character is forced to transfer, then it would create a huge conflict when it comes time to transfer.
    In regards to your second idea, it would appear as if server merges are happening less frequently than they used to, do you think this frequency is helping combat this issue? What do you think would be ideal?

Thanks Tyler.

The method to transfer accounts between different servers should work just like merges, no? If we can put several servers together moving this way accounts together can't we do the same but with a single account? Is not something that would happen when the player wants it, would be a method to solve situations like the mentioned in this post or when there's been players reporting to have been bullied by another player in that server, you could have either the bully relocated or the player affected by it.

I would draw the line of normal account growth when a player gets to have a huge power difference compared to other players in their server.
No need to specify amounts, it is something easy to spot, as mentioned above we're talking of players with like the triple the power of the next guy in ranking, for example.
If you have a new server with 99% players having 300k power and then another player with 1m+, that's pretty much a server killer and should be relocated to compete where he should and not ruin the experience of the rest of players with a normal account growth.

If a big spender has different accounts in multiple servers but they're in harmony with the normal development of players in those servers then there's no problem with those accounts. If those multiple accounts also happen to have over the triple of power than the next guy in ranking then they should definetely be relocated too.
Here I would like to clarify that I respect the right of a whale to pay to be the strongest, but one thing is to pay to do that and another is paying to basically play alone because the other players can't even scratch you. I can put the example here of a server with top guy having triple power than the 2nd in ranking, with most op meta team that exists and the rest of players still using the ninja provided in miniclient download cause is the best they have. That's a horrible experience and will kill the motivation to play in that server.

Regarding the last question I'm actually fine with the pace of merging that we have now, they do it like once a month right? That's fine, it's not fine though what I mentioned in the post, that newer servers get to have priority precisely cause they remained empty because a mega whale killed the motivation of the rest of players to keep playing in that server. A server with less than 7-8 months of life shouldn't be able to get merged. Give priority to older servers that need merging for better reasons.

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