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[ Lineup ] Jiraiya [Young Adult] Breakthrough Lineups


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Hey guys!

A very important breakthrough ninja and a bit rare that he barely has any Y skills so I'll just talk about the breakthroughs generally


This is really awesome because it increases your whole team standard attack damage by 60% (which is a really big number)

Therefore he became one of the best ninjas, if not the best to use in Infinite Illusion Standard Attack trial


Even more standard attack damage


Nothing special here, just more damage with his chase and 1 more trigger time (although 1 more trigger time = more scaling)


Now here I definitely recommend Y chase, having that extra standard attack is amazing especially considering his mystery and standard



Even stronger standard attack + scaling = crazy good for Infinite Illusion standard attack trial


Breakthrough priority:

Everything, if you want to bring out his full potential you should try to get everything. I guess lowest priority is his chase 1

Like I already mentioned all his breakthroughs make him completely ideal for Infinite Illusion standard attacks. He was also given for free so he is definitely usable by many people

Making your own team is quite simple, your best friends are ninjas who give extra attacks and extra chases + of course any buffs are welcome

1. Wind main


2. Wind Main 2


3. Fire Main


This is the very f2p friendly one, weakest out of these 3

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  • Eren_69k On 2022-01-17 00:46:24
  • what about lighting main

You c*e it with the same teams, just use anbu tactics buff

But it will probably be a bit weaker

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