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[ Events ] Amu*t Park Enigma


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Greetings, so I've been curious for some weeks now, you can find videos of people spending in lucky stars or konoha tree but why is there nobody speaking of amu*t park?

Obviously in terms of value people seek to spend in events like lucky stars during a fuku rebate since you get refines and potions, but i'm wondering why there's nobody attempting to get something out of amu*t park. I didn't even find a single post of someone saying "I spent 60k in amu*t park and got x". There's 0 evidence.
There's been times when I've seen Orochi gnw, obito ttj, pain 6 path and hashi edo in the same wheel, wouldn't I get any of those if I'd drop over 100k coupons in that wheel?

So these are my questions to the community:
- does this event have a terrible rng? is that why nobody spends there?
- has anyone spent large amount of coupons in this event?

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It makes no sense to twist it once, one chance out of sixteen.Ten procurts cost 500 coupons, even if you get one fragment at a time, then 80k coupons will be released on the ninja. But it may not fall out, and then about 100k coupons. How many players have and want to spend that much? And they give you like 10 minutes to spin, will you have time?

P.S. At 10, it turns out 60% that it will fall out and 30% will not fall out, not enough.

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Hhmm you're probably right, odds there look like bad.

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I play this event for the 50% coupon. Which i can in 4-5 x10 draws. Maybe 10 draws at most. Never had one of the super rare frags though. You sometimes get the rebate though reducing the cost. Since it is an rng thing I wouldn't recommend playing for the max prizes, especially keeping in mind it is a UK reserver.

I think I got once a super rare from a free draw...

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I used to play it for the 50% too yeah, just that recently since they added these op frags it got a lot tempting
But you two are right if the rng is already hell in konoha tree i don't want to imagine in this event.

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i go for 50% too, got some interesting things that way however, from my personal findings looks like the rng is bad for the 50% off when its at the same time with fuku, even few times got 3x 50% right the day after fuku finished...

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Don't spend any money there if you don't want your money to be wasted

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I will add, scrolled 200 key (20 spin) in Great plate, and how many Sasuke fragments i got? One .... ONE Carl, in Amount could be even worse.

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