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[ Bugs ] Lucky Mega-thread/technical knowledge


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I understand your frustration with the event, and again express my sympathy that you were not able to participate in the event to the extent that some others were.

Additionally, thank you for maintaining a civil tone in your post.

At this time, this is not considered a bug, or glitch. However, it has been reported to the devs, as has the opinion that this event should not be allowed in this capacity again. I will report both of these for you again, if you'd like, however, the community is fairly mixed, since many people like the event, so the suggestion may not gain traction, and as noted, this is not considered a glitch. We will ask for compensation on your behalf, but there is a very, very low chance of any such thing happening, for the reasons previously mentioned.

Ultimately, the way this functions is different from gaining a banner ninja at a peak threshold only in reward type and scope. While I see and read your points, this is important to keep in mind.

I will allow this thread to stay open for a time if the discussion of this topic can remain civil and on topic and does not veer into attacks on others. @14RedMist88, please be aware of this; your most recent post is at best borderline. I would like to see no more posts along that vein of vitriol.

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