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[ Bugs ] Lucky Mega-thread/technical knowledge


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  • SlapTheShitOutc On 2022-01-06 01:27:32
  • They need either ban poeple who exploited glitch or give 40k coupons for others who didnt explore it period.

The banning is out of the way and it's easy to explain why:

1. The first time most players got the 40.000 coupons they were unaware of what was happening. The second time the day after many players got the prize again with different amounts spent so it's highly questionable to determine anyone was exploiting a bug.

2. The bug was reported and in the knowledge of Oasis staff since day 1, after it was checked by them the players got told: It's an RNG event, proceed at your own risk.
So players did that. Even the moderators who play the game did that.

There's been many posts closed of people asking about it and reporting it because it was opening an obvious gap between players (those who could keep using the wheel and those who couldn't) and each time the answer was the same -> "It is just how the event is, nothing is guaranteed so it's up to the players".

Therefore a punishment over those who did participate in lucky * is impossible because everyone was following the instructions we were provided with.
You can't punish a huge portion of playerbase for:
a) following guidelines
b) participating in a system that the company had no intention in fixing from the beginning

A compensation to players who couldn't participate in the event on the other hand wouldn't be a bad thing to do, it won't fix the gap that has been created but it'll prevent some to quit their servers. Or if they still want to start over, let them start with 40.000 coupons in a new server just like it was done for example with players coming from Italian servers which got closed.

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The problem with this is the same of always: Communication.

If in the event page we would've been told from the beginning "there is a high chance of players getting jackpot after spending x amount of coupons" it would've been sweet.
What is upsetting is that suddenly you login and you start seeing players drawing the jackpot left and right without understanding what is going on, nor if you should go or not go for it. That, plus the issues a gain like this generates between those who participated and those who didn't.

Personally I would love to see this event again in the future since it pretty much gave us the most expensive fuku in the history of EN Naruto basically for free, but a little warning about how the event worked from day 1 would've been fantastic, not letting players figure it out.
If you don't tell these things beforehand it would seem that you don't want to disclose the info to benefit a few.

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