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[ Bugs ] Lucky Mega-thread/technical knowledge


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  • Kiriya. On 2022-01-05 22:57:12
  • ^100% agree with everything you said but to be fair we kind of did same debate with Tachibana yesterday so not sure if we need more of those topics.

    It's cool with me since it shows that more people care about the game (as future of the game not just begging for free ninjas or hating everything) but there is nothing more really to explain at this point.

    Main point is the same. It's too late to fix that so let's just hope in the future those type of things won't happen or be instantly reported and dealt with day1 of said bug/glitch

    (I mean we had insta patches fixing broken events in the past like Cloak Sakura 80 frag pack or 5 Kage summit Madara for 5k coupons etc so not really sure wtf happened this time, Oasis not taking clear action asap instantly creates drama and stories about moderators wanting to abuse those events themself, you can't really blame people for thinking this way).

I'd just like to say, part of the reason for any delayed response is that this cycle happened during New Year and the team (as far as I am aware) was all off on holiday. Nothing could be done until it was far too late.

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