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[ Bugs ] Lucky Mega-thread/technical knowledge


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Hi, before i present the core of my post i'd like to educate a bit "the masses" and some mods in regards with certain terminology and technological knowledge and whatnot.

First of all let's start with the basics, what is a glitch, glitch is a misbehavior of the game code, an unintended result of the code stumbling upon a problem or not running properly (roughly explanation)

When glitch is to be taken specially serious and take priority? When is game breaking (things like hindering progress,affecting the hardware/software environment in which it runs or other cases in which, as the name implies, would break the game or "soft-lock" it) and when is highly replicable (those are 2 of many reasons for prioritization of glitches)

Now let's talk about replicability, What is replication? as the name imply, its the process of re-creating a behavior of something (in our case the glitch) in order to understand it better and fix the problem or whatnot, sometimes, if not every time, it is necessary to follow STRICT steps in order to re-create the behavior.

Few words about the "RNG" which stands for "random number generator" as the name implies it is RANDOM and "chance based", with that said, mathematically the chances for 10 people to get the same number one after another in relative short amount of time is basically impossible.

With that said (hope i didnt forgot anything) lets move to the CORE of this post:

I'd like to report a glitch in regards to the event Lucky Sn@tch:

In the said event it is a glitch in which if you follow strict steps you are guaranteed to get the 40.000 coupons reward, as the event is intended to be random, the fact that following certain steps guarantees the reward makes it a glitch since is NOT the intend of the code (as i explained it, if any mod still says "works as intended" then means the intention of the code was to guarantee win at the cap, so, be aware of the claims)

Now to explain further for some mods and other people who don't understand: as i mentioned before the steps of the replication must be strict and followed as posted by others, in our example drawing 750 times in the event, one of the strict steps is to draw all of them at once, NOT 200 now and 550 10 minutes later, the steps of replication are STRICT thats why other mods like Tachibana mentioned that some people even drawn 800 and didn't got the "jackpot"

Now as i mentioned if its RNG its impossible for multiple people to get "the same number" one after another in a small span of time, yes the event is still RNG, yes you can get the "jackpot" early, that aspect is still RNG, however that doesnt change the fact that the glitch makes it hard-capping at 750 draws

Few words on "there are more people who dont get it then people who get it" this is a damage control argument and shows a bit of lack of professionalism since this is a sub-forum about reporting BUGS and GLITCHES since someone with a bit of technical knowledge would know that a glitch doesn't REQUIRE to be present on 100% of the player-base to be a glitch... even if 10-50 people CAN REPLICATE the glitch, its still a glitch, it doesnt matter how many people get it, its still a misbehavior of the original game code

NOW, since this is a bug/glitch report thread, i'd like to request first to mods, to not close nor delete this thread so other people can report further, i'd say would be easier for both of us since its easier to deal with one thread instead of you know... every player making a separate thread writhing almost the same problem and having to deal with an indirect spam of threads AND i'd like to request the players to behave in this thread and not insult nor stoup too low since we don't want this thread to be closed due to one of you not be able to handle your "wreath" , post as more detailed as possible and not attack eachother

There is no need for replies like "is RNG sorry you didn't win" as i EXPLAINED in detail that is not the case

Hope i did not forget anything (i'll updare/post further if i remember any details to add) and sorry for my poor english

As this thread is not aimed towards no one cannot be taken as slander nor off-topic since it is a bug submission with a bit of explanation (as a disclaimer)

Lets be respectful and help eachother

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  • Kiriya. On 2022-01-05 22:57:12
  • ^100% agree with everything you said but to be fair we kind of did same debate with Tachibana yesterday so not sure if we need more of those topics.

    It's cool with me since it shows that more people care about the game (as future of the game not just begging for free ninjas or hating everything) but there is nothing more really to explain at this point.

    Main point is the same. It's too late to fix that so let's just hope in the future those type of things won't happen or be instantly reported and dealt with day1 of said bug/glitch

    (I mean we had insta patches fixing broken events in the past like Cloak Sakura 80 frag pack or 5 Kage summit Madara for 5k coupons etc so not really sure wtf happened this time, Oasis not taking clear action asap instantly creates drama and stories about moderators wanting to abuse those events themself, you can't really blame people for thinking this way).

actions c*ways be done even after the glitch period, they can at least give away compensations or as happened in the past even worse, remember when the same thing that happened with sakura cloak happened with itachi (i think susanoo) and they literally rollback the servers since itachi was too expensive to just give him away like they did with sakura/sasuke

on topic, doesnt matter how late it is submissions are always welcomed since it helps fixing the problem for next time the event comes

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  • 14RedMist88 On 2022-01-06 05:50:56
  • LMAO so much words for saying that you are * hurt that you didn't get the coupons mate. Its always the players that are * hurt that do such reports. Step up your game no one is responsible for your bad luck or lack of coupons, the event is perfectly fine just like there are people who got it within 100 spins and some that didn't get it with 900 spins so stop whining on the forums no one cares that your are * hurt.

the point of this thread is not personal gain nor anything, you do not know if i personally benefited from it or not, i simply stated some facts and reported a glitch... simple as that, but i understand that if this is fixed you won't be able to exploit it any further thus your frustration and need to attack me, so please keep it on topic which is reporting further the glitch

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2022-01-06 09:17:59
  • Hello,
    I understand your frustration with the event, and again express my sympathy that you were not able to participate in the event to the extent that some others were.

    Additionally, thank you for maintaining a civil tone in your post.

    At this time, this is not considered a bug, or glitch. However, it has been reported to the devs, as has the opinion that this event should not be allowed in this capacity again. I will report both of these for you again, if you'd like, however, the community is fairly mixed, since many people like the event, so the suggestion may not gain traction, and as noted, this is not considered a glitch. We will ask for compensation on your behalf, but there is a very, very low chance of any such thing happening, for the reasons previously mentioned.

    Ultimately, the way this functions is different from gaining a banner ninja at a peak threshold only in reward type and scope. While I see and read your points, this is important to keep in mind.

    I will allow this thread to stay open for a time if the discussion of this topic can remain civil and on topic and does not veer into attacks on others. @14RedMist88, please be aware of this; your most recent post is at best borderline. I would like to see no more posts along that vein of vitriol.

hello Tachibana, thank you for your reply, now... as i explained in the thread what is and what is not a glitch, IF the behavior of the game code IS to trigger the "RNG" better say to trigger the guaranteed jackpot, this should had been disclosed in the original events thread since it can be taken as false advertising, so, i want to ask you, what exactly it is? a glitch or an undisclosed feature? cuz its one of the 2 and this is a fact, im sorry but no amount of fancy words and juggling around can change that...

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  • ExcaliZero On 2022-01-07 18:41:27
  • It isn't a glitch, it was an error on the part of Oasis. Lucky * has been coded to give the jackpot ninja at a certain amount of spins for awhile now. They don't have to advertise this, as they have never told players of RNG event chances, not even recruit treasure caps, they are player discovered. The error made was they didn't think it through when they changed the jackpot ninja to 40k coupons. Lucky * is not the only rigged event, there are many others, but I won't be mentioning them since for the most part, they are still a secret among few. This game has been unbalanced for a long time, there is a lot of code players can take advantage of if they understand how it works. The best thing to do is to accept you got screwed and hope you're in a position to gain advantage the next time Oasis makes a mistake.

not exactly how it works nor how the code works, unless you have access to the source code to read from it and we don't, as for the "secrets" you make it seem like there are a million, they are not... however the thing is, an exploit is an exploit, a lot of people tries to attack or "point out" the usual "you just angry that you didnt got to participate" when in reality they are angry cuz if its fixed they cannot EXPLOIT it any further, bottom line is, doesnt matter if is a bug,glitch,undisclosed feature,ugandan hidden treasure or whatever AN EXPLOIT IS AN EXPLOIT and it have to be dealt with it

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  • Hofuandou On 2022-01-10 19:55:02
  • Yes, the players are leaving, the activity on the server has dropped sharply with this fuku. s866

i would had understand to not care much if was the f2p that was leaving but sadly most of the people who quit was small to medium payers even few whales-ish cuz they got done dirty harder

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