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[ Bugs ] Lucky Mega-thread/technical knowledge


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Well Honestly that GLITCH whether and intention of the DEVS out of generosity destroy the BALANCE of the GAME!

(those who figured out what is happening, did it fully of course to get a lot more out of it, did it destroy the balance, maybe yes ? highly likely ?)

(there is also some prerequisite to be able to partake in the advantage, knowing it, and having the coupons/ingots)

Imagine, I am putting Real Money in the game but it turns out I don't have coupons during that event,

but an F2P Player catch me up on Power based. It's like telling us that put more money in the game or you will be trampled

(this has always been the case, just like all fuku events or tsuku events, or most all other events)

(p2w or f2p you didn't have any spare stash of coupons or ingots, u CAN lose out by missing a good event)

by those who abused that RNG event slash Glitch whatsoever ^_^!!!

(welp for 1, many don't consider it an abuse i felt, its there for 2 cycles of * and the first cycle was rng with even better rates !!)

(the 2nd one is the one that we now refer as glitched and consistently repeatable next day without knowing if it's coded with intention)

(only whales and the dares went for it the first time coz they can afford to lose if fail, it was so tempting that the whales had to test it repeatedly)

(no one would figure out otherwise... by the second cycle of *, and yes then confirm that 750 was the good number 2nd * cycle)

(why no one took it as a glitch is because only the people who actively communicated or understood what happened)

(took full advantage for the knowledge they were armed with, exploit, one may say because it works and checks out with mods)

(for some, they are happy even that ANYONE got anything out of oasis, and if that did upset the balance /shrugs)

(its definitely coz some are not as informed by the rest, or dare not follow the advices or are mislead if to go for the full 750 rolls)

(however i agree that it is not a event that should have happened, NOT for the fact its coded intended or not, but simply cuz imo ITS TOO OP)

Good for those who avail but Pity to those who can't afford lol!

(True, a real pity to those who can't afford, but as always many pass the word to their friends as soon as they learn the trick or R sure)

(i think by the end of the week, many dare for it even if they didn't have enuff cpns, and some, a small number got luckier than most)

(imo the mods seems more confused to me in their responds, all they know is what worked, do nothing except inform devs for follow up)

(esp since the mods don't work directly under the devs and don't seem to have a firm say, furthermore are part gamers themselves)

(or maybe the dev has no idea the implications of the code they even intended)

(so it WAS misleading if we were allow to exploit * this round, not like they would stop it)

(for me, there seems still a risk that the next day, oasis might tweek the so called repeatable glitch ? /shrugs but that is all i can gather)

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