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[ Suggestions ] Less damage control or put someone with technical knowledge


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I feel I've made this fairly clear, but I'll reiterate it again. The threads I closed were off topic. They were complaints, and attacks on people, and many were fairly aggressive, as is yours now.

You are welcome to bring up bug reports, as were the people before you, but they did not do so.

Instead, they complained that we had some hidden inside knowledge of this event, which is both incorrect and backwards, since the very evidence being used as proof of this was player generated and features dozens of reports of non-staff players doing this. There was a suggestion that all players be given 40,000 coupons. There was a question about whether or not this was a bug (which was answered, and which is different from potentially reporting a bug).

Thus, as I stated, these situations were either handled or off topic. As always, you are welcome to bring up relevant, on topic issues to this subforum, but they do need to be civil, which yours is not. Ultimately, many players have managed to get the jackpot in this event. I am sorry if you were not among those players and have lost out. Again, RNG events do not guarantee prizes. However, envy and anger are not good reasons to go attacking on the forum. Please refrain from aggressive posts in the future.

Thank you!

P.S. I have noted your suggestion for you.

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