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[ Suggestions ] Less damage control or put someone with technical knowledge


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Hello, i would like to suggest for either less damage control (since instead of calming the players it upsets them harder) or at least put someone with real technical knowledge about what they are talking or the subject of the matter. What i am referring to is post like this one:


in special the "off topic" part, let me explain why:

Lemme explain some things from a developer and game tester point of view, not even the devs themselves can GUARANTEE that something is glitchless let alone some mod on forum... when some glitch is found and CAN BE REPLICATED with proof it automatically BECOMES on the topic since we are in BUG REPORT thread, it was proven that can be replicated, its the most basic thing as a game tester, the literal basic steps "can the glitch be replicated? if so, the exact steps" if a glitch cannot be replicated, yes than you can blame it on RNG and CHANCES but as LONG AS IT CAN BE REPLICATED... even if is replicated by only 10% of the playerbase, hell even if can be replicated by ONLY 10 people, its STILL a replicable glitch and NOT RNG nor CHANCES

and before locking this thread or delete it, this AS WELL is into the limits of ON-TOPIC

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