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I think there should be some way to replace trolls like Tachibana Saeko and others, which still play dumb after all of this, or they just really don't know = they should know = replace them for some mods, which can communicate with Oasis. Even when there is hundreds of proofs, you stil play dumb and blocking all threads about this. And like one guy said, he is happy he is not on server with that mods, which was getting everyday jackposts. Man. You just don't know, that are not only servers with mods, where some ppl noticed, this event is guaranted jackpot if you spend at least 38k. On our servers in no one from that mods but some groups found that glitch and started rolling 40k everyday. It is only 20ppl which I know and which told me they always got that jackpot after 38k. Even I got on my alt at that 37.5k. Whole enemy group around 15ppl getting 40k jackpots. And yes I see it, because I am logged in game almost whole days, so I see almost all that wins in chat. And yesit is RNG, because you can get it with maybe 0.01% chance even on first spin. But RNG end on 37.5k spin. Or there maybe that 2ppl didnt lies and there is 0.01% you did not get that jackpot. But if yes, then we should know that. So funny is this game now when everyone on new serves who had only basic ninjas have now madara ttj with whole 110k fuku and hundreds power upgrades from all that spins. That ppl got 2x more power just from this what we was able to grind in 4 months. What a * fair play and you still will act like nothing happen, because why you should not. You got your free power with many other ppl which noticed this glitch or whatever it is and you are fine. But there is many ppl, which didnt know that and now is game ruined for them. With events like this you can make new one. Just give 100k cps to everyone, who was offline yesterday. Because why not. Who care about ppl, which was online.. they just wasnt lucky yes? That is how * this event looks.

In the end I just want say, it is not you wasted our time which we spend on grinding. We will carry over it somehow.. what is 4-5 wasted months yes? But man... we are spending money on this game for power... many money. And what we get? Last places in rankings now. That is why ppl are mad. Imagine throwing hundreds $ from window just for nothing. I never saw anything like this in any p2w game. Even Raid shadow legend now looks like 100x better game where to spend money.

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Hello, as with any suggestion, this has been passed along. However, in the future, I would suggest providing undeniable evidence behind your claim of things like "troll" and "needs to be changed". Just because you are not happy with someone does not mean you are allowed to drag their name through the mud.

Now, regarding the secondary topic which was not included in the title of this thread, RNG based events require luck, all evidence I have seen has distinctly pointed to this event being luck based. For every success I have heard from this event, I have heard many more failures. Sadly though, not many players report their failures, as that is the risk they chose when they decided to participate in this event. If you do not like RNG based events, such as this one, then I suggest not partaking in them.

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