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Lucky Sn atch 22


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Delightful work of administrators, very quickly tinder and delete objectionable topics, some of them (Tochiba) say that they themselves do not win, this is nonsense, everyone knows the chosen and whales receive all sorts of prizes.

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Amazing rng guys just remember to do it only once per day and you win jackpot everytime. Only rng is how much will you spend to get the jackpot: 5k coupons? 10k coupons? well one thing for sure MAX amount you will spend for jackpot is 37,5k and you mods know it.

Fixing events like somebody said in other topic is illegal so no wonder you are playing dumb. Thank god I don't play on the same server with any mods or GL's so I don't have to bother with this unfair competition. Now you guys understand why people like Icex etc have high powers. Good players? Give me a break most of them can't even put team properly this Sn atch shows how they abuse their power to get in game rewards. Beyond pathetic and unheard of in any other game.

At least this time not just moderators abused the system but some players as well so even tho you tried hard to ruin christmas for everybody with terrible events and fukuromaru deals some people didn't have to waste their coupons to get it.

In years we had confirmed:

1) Sending in game ninja fragments as payment / rewards for being oasis puppet

2) Using plants (fake whale accounts) to boost competition on servers

3) Rigged jackpots in event

4) Rigged forum winners in events

5) Now clear proof manipulating event jackpots for own benefit.

Keep it up mods and still play dumb.

link removed by moderator. Please request it through DMs if you would like it, at your own risk.

Just in case somebody is stup1d enaugh to believe mods that it's rng just watch the video how everybody is pulling jackpots left and right for same fixed max amount and get those coupons yourself before it's too late

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Slightly objectionable topics are fine by me, as long as they are civil and respectful. However, as mentioned, off topic threads are not, nor are attacks on others. This thread is off topic because it is not a bug report, suggestion, or technical advi*t topic. You are instead upset and making accusations at others because you cannot win a jackpot.

Again, as mentioned, we have seen people go not just over, but well over the listed magic threshold being mentioned without getting a jackpot. So again, If you choose to play this event, you do so at your own risk. You may win big, but you may not. If you do so, that is a risk you accept.

And if you wish to post in this subform, please make sure that threads remain on topic. Thank you!

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