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[ Suggestions ] Lucky Sn atch fiesta 100% not RNG


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Looking at this table, it would definitely seem that you are incorrect. While this player-created and player-populated table is fairly unreliable since it has so few data points, it does support this event being an RNG event, since it describes the jackpot happening randomly at many times.

Our stance on RNG events is fairly simple. These events are luck based, and are not 100% guaranteed to result in rewards off of their roulettes. In these cases, there is always the possibility that you may not get what you are after. Some people may get lucky and get what they are after, but others may not. In regards to this event, I have heard many stories of people failing to get the jackpot and succeeding to get the jackpot. That is why it is an RNG event. The players listed above, none of which I believe are staff, obtained the jackpots by risking large amounts of coupons. Any player is capable of doing this.

We suggest that if the RNG events cause you great distress, it might be better to invest in events/functions where you are absolutely sure that you are going to receive the result you want and you will surely achieve it. Every player is subjected to the same odds.

As for this topic in general, this is not a bug/support help question, so this thread will be closed down. Please refrain from making off-topic posts in this sub forum in the future, thank you!

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