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[ Suggestions ] Lucky Sn atch fiesta 100% not RNG


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Well played Oasis team. Truly well played. Everybody was crying about this Xmas rotation being bad but you didn't do anything about it because you KNEW that ANOTHER (yes my friends this is not the first time) Fixed reward lucky * is coming so you and your buddies on discord aka YujinTaka who wins every forum event and other people obviously mods and few GL's have free 110k fukuromaru deals and insane rewards laughing at you stup1d normal players.

I have suggestion to NY Oasis team. Please step down from your work since you are fixing events in your own Casino and gtfo as far from this game as possible. You are shameless enaugh to still say at this point that its "RNG" event. No my friends it's not rng event im getting those rewards myself, other people even make lists how much you can abuse this sh1t.


Look in the mirror Tyler and few other people and ask yourself is it really worth if for some coupons to be such shameless person.

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  • Bekyn On 2022-01-04 00:32:40
  • Hey man where you get that table? But you are right for sure. Sadly for Oasis, many people noticed that shameless move from them and they started spending too. But many from them knew that before event was released for sure, because never ever happened thing, where no one spended any cps on first fuku at their server while everyone had like 40-50k cps in their pockets and they waited that few extra day for Lucky sn atch. So I can throw my 4+ months progress in *, because everyone f2p from opposite group jumped 150k+ power, while I have now 150k and they was all under me :) Thx OSASIS! <3 Love with you <3

That's inside info from same discord buddies that have info from Oasis. You know how it is. 10 people know about it "don't tell anyone", then 20 knows about it everybody says "don't tell anyone" and eventually everybody knows. You can imagine how corrupted this company and entire circle of these people is to even make tables like that counting how much they cheated entire playerbase. No clue who was the one that made it (i have my type tho, Yujin is that you? You are table god and biggest oasis supporter for those free coupons) but entire thing is real I can tell you that.

You can now pick 3 options for those mods that claim it's still rng:

1) Are they shameless enaugh to still play dumb?

2) They are acting dumb because they want to abuse this all the way till the end of the event week

3) 0,01% chance that somebody didn't know if so RIP Tyler looks like they don't like you in that inside clown circle in oasis NY team.

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