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[ Other ] 70k coupons on Lucky Stars


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i realy dont know why you have deleted my post. the category i ve chosen was OTHER.

and yes i believe that my post had to do with at least 2 things, considering the titles from this section...

i did 70k coupons on Lucky Stars event previously week. that means 10k every day and i had the worst luck.

the guy i was referring did the Lucky Stars event also 2 times. both times had Obito 10t for jackpot. the 1st time he got Obito with 30k coupons and the 2nd time with 50k coupons. do you want me to add more details, for example if he is f2p or maybe p2w? i really dont mind.

but also answer me this. which unit has highly rate drops? Obito 10t or Indra?

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Hello, please do not post duplicate posts, your previous post was closed for a reason, which was stated at the time of closing. Drop rates are not known on any rng based events. However, it is safe to say that it is likely that single frag drops are more common than 80 frag jackpots.

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