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[ Other ] 70k at Lucky Stars


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70k coupons spent and i didnt got Indra.

one player got Obito10t with 30k the 1st time and the 2nd time with 50k.

in Brazil they can recruit and also make the units 4 stars from Konoha Tree.

thats it... i m out... you took from me 6 years of my life. i want them back...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the players.

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Hello, Indra is not a certainty, he is a jackpot, which has a low drop chance. What event are you referring to that the player got Obito Ten Tails Jinchuriki twice in? If you are referring to Lucky Stars, that is single frag drops, and from what I have seen, two frags might be considered a small amount for this. Personally, I recruited Obito Ten Tails Jinchuriki, and four starred him, through Konoha Great Tree, its certainly possible here... Either way, comparing our events to other regions' events does a disservice to both regions, as they have events that we do not have, and we have events that they do not have.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you as well.

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