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FTP player here, not sure what main to use and/or lineups with the characters I have right now. Please give me recommendations on what you think would work best with what I have, or if there are some ninjas in particular to focus on trying to get for the future.Thanks in advance!





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Start getting Naruto Sage Of Six Paths 4 star, he's the more important person to use in the start of the game. Then you can get a ninja like Madara ETR.

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Like the other poster said, getting 4* SOSP Naruto would be good, but that's probably a pretty far-off goal for you now, and by the time you save up enough coupons to buy him (like 30-35k coupons) he might not be the top meta anymore. I would say just save your coupons and watch the meta. For now, you can try this team:

Pos 1 Roshi [Edo], pos 2 Hashirama [NY], pos 3 Fire main, pos 4 Rin.

Main character talents - for the mystery you c*e either the sealing lock (#3) or the illusion mirrors (#4), standard #2, chase #1, first passive #2, and second passive #1. For the chase summon, use the Dog of Hell or Ninja Dog Shiba if you don't have the gold summon.

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