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[ Updates ] GDPR Policy


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Hello ninja!

Many of you should by now be aware of the GDPR update to the game, which required players to give their birthdate and country to play. At this point, we have received information that some players that refused to give this information have had their accounts forever deleted. This is apparently not recoverable, so we strongly urge you to ACCEPT the GDPR policy if you have not already done so, or if it comes up in game again.

Again, this is a government mandate and outside our control. Accounts that do not accept the GDPR policy will most likely end up being permanently deleted with no chance for recovery, so please read the policy carefully and accept the terms and conditions if you wish to continue playing.

If you are unsure if you have Agreed/Accepted this or not, you can simply agree to it again by clicking the Data Transfer Outside EEA *on shown below, then clicking AGREE.




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