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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 23th of December


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I think the "Rinne Festival Rebate Optional Pack" must be a typo. It can't be Edo Hashirama for 110K, it has to be the new Final Battle Hashi. Otherwise Final Battle Hashi is not even in this event.

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Maybe. The thing is, apparently, Edo Hashirama is now meta in CN, so they might have done it on purpose based on that (meaning BT Shisui could be coming soon).

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  • AustinIñf On 2021-12-22 23:39:13
  • Maybe. The thing is, apparently, Edo Hashirama is now meta in CN, so they might have done it on purpose based on that (meaning BT Shisui could be coming soon).

Yeah possibly, though China metas rarely work in our version (though that doesn't always stop them from acting like they will).

I just noticed that none of the weekly strong ninja are mentioned in the event descriptions. If there are no typos, they are making it a little vague how to obtain Hashi Final, Deidara Rinne, and Black Zesty.

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The Christmas Month Rebate ends on the 31st of December though, and the Total Recharge Rebate ends on the 30th. I don't think we would be able to get them anywhere else.

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Seriously oasis i have been with you guys since the beginning i really used to like playing this game

Yet i have accepted soo many of your mistakes but this...this is toooo far! Change that fuku, pls!

You still got time to do it ..take it as an advise for the futur of the game, a online game can't really work without f2p player!

cause if you continue like this ,most player will leave

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  • Kakakarrotcake On 2021-12-22 23:34:42
  • I think the "Rinne Festival Rebate Optional Pack" must be a typo. It can't be Edo Hashirama for 110K, it has to be the new Final Battle Hashi. Otherwise Final Battle Hashi is not even in this event.

Is it your first time seeing events topic? Obviously those are in xmas rebate for weeks now. So no it's not a typo just an absolute joke, terrible asf fukuromaru deals that's shafting both f2p and p2w playerbase. Like somebody already said wtf am i supposed to do with madara or hashirama ? Would prefer 110k for GNW Orochimaru over this garbage

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ok for some p2w it is alright but even for p2w this is a bit too much 110k for power ups only? for real (i dont know too much about it)

and for f2p this is really terrible fuku because we only have few coupons to spare. and the brutal part is this will be your christnas gift to all of your players yes we are thankful to a free ninja but draininng coupons from f2p is that really a good sport for all the. players * thru this game. for me this is a terrible way to give back to the players, hoope you change it merry christmas and happy new year oasis.

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WTF Oasis are you for real with those Fukuromaru deals?

50k Tier is total scam nothing else to say rip F2P

110k ninja choice is an absolute joke too, 10T Madara was added 3 YEARS AGO!

Edo Hashi ... don't even know what to say

When you think anniversary events or xmas weeks can't get worse this company does it again. Total scam all the way entire playerbase. There is still time, everybody is salty so please do something about it.

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this is what people who take drugs and go to work do - terrible fukus, I may be wrong,

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My ideia for the Fukurokumaru's Deals, idk how to do this properly i'm just trying to help

• 1000 : New Fukurokumaru's Optional Pack XYZ*1, New Refine Optional Pack*2, Cave key*10, Training Potion*20

• 5000 : New Fukurokumaru's Optional Pack XYZ*3, New Refine Optional Pack*5, Cave key*25, Cultivation Pill*3, Cultivation Scroll*10

• 10000 : New Fukurokumaru's Optional Pack XYZ*5, Deluxe Myoboku Option Pack*3, Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack*5, Advanced Skill Trial Pack*8, Charm Material Pack*10

• 30000 : New Fukurokumaru's Optional Pack XYZ*7, Deluxe Myoboku Option Pack*12, Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack*10, Advanced Skill Trial Pack*20, Charm Material Pack*25

• 45000 - 50000 : New Super Optional Pack*7 , New Refine Optional Pack*30, LV7 Magatama Optional Pack*3, Cave Key Gift Pack*5, Secret Scroll Optional Pack*15, Exclusive Battle Power Pack*1

• 75000 - 80000 : New Super Optional Pack*9, Treasure tools Ultimate Essence*2, New Refine Optional Pack*50, Super Value Secret Scroll Pack*2, Deluxe Assist Pack*1, Exclusive Secret Scroll Pack*1, Exclusive Battle Power Pack*1

New Fukurokumaru's Optional Pack XYZ

Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei-Release]’s fragments*5

Naruto [Sage of the Six Paths]'s fragments*5

Jiraiya [Toads Chant]’s fragments*5

Madara [Great Ninja War]’s fragments*5

Kakuzu [Akatsuki Inception]'s fragments*5

Battle Power Pack II*2

New Super Optional Pack

Hashirama Senju [Edo Tensei]’s fragments*5

Indra Ootsutsuki fragments*5

Ashura Ootsutsuki fragments*5

Shisui [Susano'o] fragments*5

Powerful Item Optional Pack*5

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Ye fuku the really bad.

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Not sure what is more funny the idea of putting 50k fuku that is worse than 30k fuku or going all the way up to 110k and get as reward Hashirama Edo. Eh the only good thing (only for me prob.) is that in this event cycle i'm about to collect Sasuke Ronnin cuz i;ll use swords team and try have some fun! (i'm not competitive) Other than that meh no point using even 1 coupon, unless you really appreciate what they serve you. What an a amazing christmas presents from oasis. Cheers guys!Besides that, hope y'all have great holidays and have amazing time with the loved ones.

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You still have time to change fuku. Don't make us cry

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time to spend my 30k coupons on Christmas Fuku

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We boycotting this fuku. Fck off with this bullshyt Oasis, worse company than EA or Ubisoft, ya cant find more greedy game corporation than these guys. And they try to talk about Christmas and New Year, FFS......

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Oasis. you still have time change amount of frags. cmon. we dont need 45. give us 23. 45 is too much :)

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More about fuku:

- Edo itachi is clearly not comparable to edo madata or toad jiraya, would be way better to replace it with 1 of the classics: kisame or naruto sosp (but slightly more frags like 8*16 = 128

-50k for 80 madara frags seems too high, 50k for 100 frags would be the right price in my opinion. Maybe giving 20 Optional fuku packs instead of 16 or increasing madara's frags from 5 to 6 would be right

- Treasure tools Ultimate Essence, Super Value Secret Scroll Pack, Deluxe Assist Pack were in the last fuku's 30k rewards, they are put much higher now

-Generally 30k rewards seem weaker than during the last fuku and 50k rewards not entirely worth it as well. Adding the above mentioned rewards within 30k-50k milestones and slightly increasing the amounts of weaker rewards (optional packs, refines, charms etc) all over the milestones would make it more worth for all players

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  • antmanfolife On 2021-12-22 12:11:03
  • this fuku is horrible and we already had ronin sasuke frags in fireworks

And it was 45 frags back then as well, so we couldn't get him.

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This is Oasis. This fuku is Oasis on drugs. Kids, don't do drugs.

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If you're going to make 110k fuku why cant you make more milestones by 5k increments. This is so grimy. Nobody wants to participate in this.

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tsunade fifth hokage on fuku? What a waste

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