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[ Group ] Christmas Event - Story Telling


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Naruto Online is the first game online I play and I wished that I knew about it sooner but think again, if so, I would not meet them then that’s it. “Them” are my groupmates. I always believe that It must be destiny to bring us together.

I joined Rasengan Elite after the first merge when I was too exhausted to play alone – no friend no group no acquaintance. From that moment, I know why I cling to this game for so long, because I wait for my comrades. I was shy at first but the leader – MikotoUchihaRE or I often call him Mikoto-kun – encouraged me to get to know everyone and follow his advice is one of the most righteous decisions I have ever made. We often discuss about coming events, current and new meta ninja, how to invest effectively etc. The seniors help other members in events need a team such as Strong Approach, Team Instance, Arena 3vs3. However, 2 events I like most are Great Ninja War and Decisive Bonds, it is just like we join a team building where we need support and cooperate closely and I think it makes strengthen the bonds between members after every time we fight alongside each other. Besides in leisure time we usually talk about various things in real life like the book we love, the anime we have interest and want to recommend to other members, the countries we travelled and our experiences and so on. It is so wonderful that we are from many countries discussed about the same book we once read. Recent years we talked about the Covid situation in members countries too. Probably there are also hard times for us. That is when opponents mock, hunt down in sage or plunder day after day, but even so, for me, just some words show care and sympathy by other members can soothe my not-so-good mood soon enough. Being cared by people we like always feels good right? Those moments I treasure and appreciate them greatly from the bottom of my heart. I have never thought that I will love people whom I haven’t met them even once! We have been with each other almost 4 years, in the beginning we put up with one another, then we get through tough times and now still stand together, I really hope we can keep the current relations forever. They become important parts in my life, they paint more colors in my dull picture and make it brighter than ever.

Whenever there are holidays or special occasions we usually come around to take some photos and save them as memories. In the end of the year, everyone is busy with work, study and business, luckily this Christmas on the weekends, we could still manage to meet each other via discord and chat. We talked about things before the merge, the moment we first met, the time we cried and the time we laughed together. Once again I want to say to my group members and all read my story MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please stay healthy and take care!


Thank you for reading my post! I know that my writing skill is not good, if you have any advice about grammar, vocabulary, structures, etc feel free to send PM to me but please use subtle or neutral words, my heart is fragile! My group mates can prove that, especially Blues-chan :D

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