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[ Group ] Christmas Event - Story Telling


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Christmas Event – "The Strong Bonds Through Chilly Season"
Event Period: December 21st, 2021 to January 2nd, 2022

Hello Ninjas!

It is the time of the year again and soon to enter the new phase of our lives. As we go on and celebrate this Christmas, a lot of memories come back to mind. Mixed emotions going through our hearts, the fun and laughter that we have with our fellow ninjas. And our Hokage wants to hear those stories!

How to participate?

Participants must take a screenshot with their Groupmates in snowy maps of the game. The screenshot must be an original one but can be decorated by your own choice (Cropped images of characters are not allowed). Together with the screenshot, participants must also include a short story of their group and fellow members of how they spent the year together and how they are going to celebrate Christmas in the game.


The story must be an original story based on their own experience. It can be short or long, depending on their choice.


3 Entries will be chosen for the 3000 Coupon Reward and 2 Entries for the Consolation prize of 1000 Coupons.

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IGN: AyanaK


UID: 200000091710673

Ever since we were little, we have been taught not to approach people on the internet, because they can be dangerous, and they can endanger your identity and life. But the reality is that if I had listened to this advice, I would not be where I am now. Their friendship, the fights we put into the game, the thought that they will come to my aid every time I need something, even if it's Team Instance, Great Ninja War or other events brings me peace. The fact that they always took revenge on me when my fights ended with my death, or that they always put me behind them and continued the fight to bring us victory. There are not enough words in this world to define our friendship and the connection we made because of a game that brought us together. There are not enough expressions and quotes to express the love I have for these people and how happy I am that I have met them and they are part of my life. I am grateful for our friendship, our sacrifices. And I hope that one day we will have the opportunity to meet in reality, and to hug each other. Naruto Online brings people together, friends, relationships and family. Because the "Outsider" group I've been part of for so long is our family. For better or worse, we are there for each other.

I couldn't think of any better people with whom I could have celebrated Christmas. I'm talking about people who always brought a smile to my face when I felt sad and listened to my stories. They are the people with whom I spend hours at night, talking, playing games, and making jokes. Together, we made a connection that cannot be broken. We will always be united in one way or another, by the time we spent together. I feel lucky to have met them. I'm not the easiest person you can talk to, and they always put my flaws aside and only considered my qualities. It's true, at this point I could have done a much more productive thing but believe me I wouldn't change anything. At some point, you think you won't meet anyone who can understand you. Which will guard your back and help you. But someone is there - don't lose hope.

I think I met them a year ago. Or maybe two? At first, we didn't like each other. We didn't help each other, and everyone was on their own. We had a group of Discord which was dead until one evening, when a flame appeared, and the chat came to life. And since that evening, we are inseparable. We are united by the hatred we have for our enemies, which we want to destroy in the XGNW battles. We are united by the thought that we must help our group colleagues, no matter what their level or power is. We are united by our tastes in books, movies, games, and music. We are united by the love we carry, and by the life stories told every night. We are not three people; we are one person. Our hearts beat at the same time, and our actions are synchronized. I couldn't imagine another way to spend my free time with other people. And I want every person to feel that way. The thought that, no matter what happens, I would have someone behind me to guard me, reassures me. It reassures me that I will be avenged and protected by my knights in armor. So much has happened this year. We got to know each other very well in January, when we were all during college exams - we wasted time together until 4 in the morning, and we woke up at the same time and repeated. We started making the 3v3 arena together, finding the best team for this event. We started to be in every GNW and XGNW in voice chat, where we talked for hours, laughed, and shared tips on when to cast mystery. We helped each other by sharing tips and tricks about the events in the game, we shared team ideas, which would be best for the arena, GNW and SWB. The desire to be the best in this game mattered a lot, but not more than our friendship. We tried to put our friendship first, leaving other people for example, who need more, the first prize in Ino . And this is just one example. We cry together, we laugh together in the game.This year we got annoyed with Infinite Illusion, and we all tried to find the best team option in order to reach a high rank in the scoreboard. We got annoyed with Ninja Exam as well, where we shared knowledge and skills. This year we have done so many things together, showing teamwork.

This Christmas, you will find us in voice chat, with a cup of chocolate and marshmallows on the table, listening to Christmas-themed songs, while we talk, share kind words, laugh, and play Naruto Online together. We will talk about what gifts we received, and what gifts we packed for our loved ones. We will show pictures of our decorated houses, and we will spend our time in the game, while we do daily and events. Everyone in our group is invited, not only my close friends, who appear in the picture. Christmas with my loved ones, with my family, our group "Outsiders" being a family, brings joy in my soul. Voice chat connects us, creates an indestructible connection. It's like we're all in the same room, talking while playing on laptops. I hope that everyone in the game will get to feel this connection and find friends.On the 24th we will do the events together, and on the 25th we will fight together in XGNW to bring our group a well deserved victory. My group and I wish every Naruto Online player a happy holiday, and the best story to win!

My project (3)

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In-game name: Pothkan

Server ID: S1496 Bandage Attack

UID: 200000096746262

If you ask me what I will remember the most in Naruto Online, I will tell you that it’s definitely going to be my group, „Moegi”. It all started almost 2 years ago, when I decided to let the wave of nostalgia hit me and it made me return to the game after the dramas I’ve encountered in the past, not to mention the lockdown I’ve been in at that time, so obviously, I was pretty much bored. It was a good decision, or rather, a jackpot. Why? The thread and connections made between friendships will be everlasting.

It is true that during this year, a lot happened and we had plenty of upsides and downsides, such as the group being close to falling apart or losing a lot of members, but eventually, those events made us stronger. As the amount of our members has grown after Server Merges, it became easier to overcome our weaknesses. At the beginning, some of us were intrigued that there could be so many people with different backgrounds and each of them had an unique story to tell, but the fact that we have shared our tips, experience regarding various topics and our cultures, made it simpler to bond, since we have learned much more about ourselves thanks to it. We have bonded not only through Naruto Online, but also through Voice Chats, Streams on Discord and sessions of playing other games. To make it funnier, some of those sessions lasted till the sunrise, because we forgot how fast time flies and during them, some of us spilled hot chocolate. Since there was and there is still a pandemic, a lot of lockdowns have made us shut-in, so most of us felt kinda lonely and thus, we have appreciated playing those games together, they made us feel less alone. The fights in various game modes, such as SWB, TG, the discussions and the thrill we have experienced during XGNW and other stuff were and still are truly amazing. Every moment of happiness when someone reached their goal in-game, every sadness from losing a vigorous match and every complaint about the events in-game - we have experienced it together. The memes and inside jokes about the game we have made won’t fail to make us laugh for sure. Oh, the joys of those who have won our Discord Tournaments and Events, especially Gramps’ Games (AKA Games of Discord Bans)!

How will we celebrate Christmas? Those who celebrate it among us, will certainly exchange warm wishes and good words, some of us will also share recipes for Christmas food and drinks and others will just listen to the Christmas music in the Voice Chat, maybe even prepare a Karaoke event. To sum it up, it will be just a good time for us all, even for our group-mates who aren’t celebrating it, since we also will wish them a good time and peace. When it comes to the celebration of Xmas in the game, we will have fun with Fuku Deals and our spendings (some of us will go for power, some of us for ninjas, but in the end, we all will be happy with our results), not to mention the fact we will be actively fighting for our victory in Matsuri, Training Grounds and one day later, on Saturday, in Rogue Ninja Outburst (where we are going to hunt for naughty boys and girls) and XGNW! Maybe the real reward was the friends we made along the way. With that, we are wishing you Merry Christmas and Covid-19 shall not defeat us!

Projekt bez tytułu

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Server: 427
Region: HK
UID: 200000101821739

Naruto Online is the first game online I play and I wished that I knew about it sooner but think again, if so, I would not meet them then that’s it. “Them” are my groupmates. I always believe that It must be destiny to bring us together.

I joined Rasengan Elite after the first merge when I was too exhausted to play alone – no friend no group no acquaintance. From that moment, I know why I cling to this game for so long, because I wait for my comrades. I was shy at first but the leader – MikotoUchihaRE or I often call him Mikoto-kun – encouraged me to get to know everyone and follow his advice is one of the most righteous decisions I have ever made. We often discuss about coming events, current and new meta ninja, how to invest effectively etc. The seniors help other members in events need a team such as Strong Approach, Team Instance, Arena 3vs3. However, 2 events I like most are Great Ninja War and Decisive Bonds, it is just like we join a team building where we need support and cooperate closely and I think it makes strengthen the bonds between members after every time we fight alongside each other. Besides in leisure time we usually talk about various things in real life like the book we love, the anime we have interest and want to recommend to other members, the countries we travelled and our experiences and so on. It is so wonderful that we are from many countries discussed about the same book we once read. Recent years we talked about the Covid situation in members countries too. Probably there are also hard times for us. That is when opponents mock, hunt down in sage or plunder day after day, but even so, for me, just some words show care and sympathy by other members can soothe my not-so-good mood soon enough. Being cared by people we like always feels good right? Those moments I treasure and appreciate them greatly from the bottom of my heart. I have never thought that I will love people whom I haven’t met them even once! We have been with each other almost 4 years, in the beginning we put up with one another, then we get through tough times and now still stand together, I really hope we can keep the current relations forever. They become important parts in my life, they paint more colors in my dull picture and make it brighter than ever.

Whenever there are holidays or special occasions we usually come around to take some photos and save them as memories. In the end of the year, everyone is busy with work, study and business, luckily this Christmas on the weekends, we could still manage to meet each other via discord and chat. We talked about things before the merge, the moment we first met, the time we cried and the time we laughed together. Once again I want to say to my group members and all read my story MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please stay healthy and take care!


Thank you for reading my post! I know that my writing skill is not good, if you have any advice about grammar, vocabulary, structures, etc feel free to send PM to me but please use subtle or neutral words, my heart is fragile! My group mates can prove that, especially Blues-chan :D

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======== UID: 300016887689340 ======== HK Server S850: Anbu Scroll ======== In-Game-Name: TomboLockd


HI, TomboLockd is back again XD, welp for this year group story, I'mma gonna tell my experience with the game not from the group.
I have already did that before and won in prev years entry, so I'mma gonna tell a tale of more generic experiences and lessons i learned
while playing Naruto Online and how I currently am enjoying it these recent years with the remaining members in my current group.

First of all it needs to be said that Naruto Online is a pay to win game, so naturally I have participated in throwing quite some amt in.
As I continue to play I realized the scales keep growing and eventually I can't recharge at the speed others are willing to.
As I play thou, I came to understand the mechanics of the games as well as gain an understanding of how to mix and mingle with gamers
In the beginning of the game, there were a lot of players from a wide range of society and backgrounds, there was a lot of hype,
a lot of roleplaying (one of my fav parts), and a lot of vigor and variety of competition, the mix of oasis fanfares and player/forum interaction
was sometimes interesting, some times overboard and toxic and often in game there was a lot of fuss on getting plundered and losing.
The game has both change me in some ways on how hard it was to mingle around with players, and it forced me to do breakthrus
on myself, my viewpoints and what it means to play the game, or even sometimes why do so much toxic exist. To me it's mind *ing

and fascinating at the same time, but it c*so get worrying and disturbing, it took a long while to get used to and remain active after
many players came and left, over and over, with covid and lockdown and RL interfering and with only a small handful of people
still managed to make sense of enjoying what we have. As I progress in playing/rping or do chall drawings I also came to study and write
some articles on various issues of people, persistence, training and keeping oneself mindful, aware and healthy. The game came to mean
a lot to me because of all these interactions I get from mingling with all sorts of players from really nice and patient ones to really nasty
and weird (imo) personalities, sometimes it took a while to get to know who is who, but eventually one get to befriend enuff to have a
community that seem to be rather self supporting. I had played the game for abt 3 year only frm 2018 till now but it felt forever and I
have gone thru so much both emotionally and technically that it has sorta became a way of life. Discord and facebook became
an indispensable support together with my own side works on building an idealist group that help me pull thru both understanding
people and society. Nowadays the people in my server are familiar enough that we hardly have as much toxic-ness. We're all trying
to move on from one era of Naruto Online to the next and that legacy of the ever presence is something we learn to cherish with all
remaining groupmates that join in for various activities in-game grinding and chats. That photo above is something we throw together
on the occasions to remind us of our own presence both as real people and playing and hanging on to our past, present and plans for future.
======================== THE END === THANKS FOR READING ===========================================

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IGN: Teds ᴾᴴ

Server : S1721

Region : HK

UID : 356622780734975


Our group Villains was founded Last April 2021 as a new Opened Server. Leaders in every group were kept on shouting calling for its members. One Leader name Toga convinced me to join his group and promise me a Senior position if I will join his group. Without further hesitation, I joined the group and be a part of the Villains Family. We have recruited many members at the early stage of the game and kept encouraging them not to forgot their daily Donation. We successfully level ing up our Group and kept us getting additional power from the Group Skills. It was so fun at that time, we kept helping each other from the Team Instances, raiding Wanted Missions, fighting Group Summons, participating in Ninetails Invasion and even fighting in Great Ninja War. We have so much fun and excitement considering we are competing for Ranked Battle, Arena , Sage Battle and Power Ranking. We always treated our comrades as our friend but at the same time our competitors in the Server. It was a healthy competition that even other members resorted to an Ingots Recharging for them to have a huge advantage in terms of Power. But those excitements and completion wasn’t last long until every members drop from playing the game, others transferred from other servers and some were totally leaving the game. I am so sad at the time, there were only ten (10) of us were considered as Active in the Group and others were not or semi-active. One day our Leader was gone without saying Goodbye and transferred the leadership to me, it was really a down moment, missing someone who kept encouraging you to continue and play the game. Yeah I know, it was sad but I enjoyed the game so much even if It was me alone and other 5 active members. I had talked to them, explaining the advantage of our position as we progress in the game, I had make sure they understood the disadvantages of keep hopping to the new servers. As we are like six (6) of us active in the group, we kept helping each other accomplishing all Team Missions including Team Events and keep saving our Coupons for the Future Fuku Deals requirement. We were happy and fully contented even if we were just few in numbers until a New Server Merge come into Schedule.

It was last October 2021 this year that a new Eight (8) servers finally merge. I am happy though with the announcement, when the Server Merge finally finished, I am so excited to come online, the first thing I did was shouting at the World Chat Informing Other Players that I am looking and recruiting for New Members, my group level was a bit higher that time (Group Level 9) and confidently vouching group benefits for every members. I haven’t successfully recruiting members due to their current group attachment and their 8 hour penalty. It was hard and unsuccessfully but I kept trying everyday and talking to potential recruits in-game. I had successfully recruited two (2) new members as part of our group, his name is Andy and Ara. I am so happy that time and give the Seniority to Andy. There were 3 Group Active Members in our Servers fighting in Great Ninja War (GNW), but by chance and great participation of my members we successfully won the fight. One of the top Groups in our Server was composed of the Whales-active Ingots patrons, so I’d decided to talk to the Other Group that was the same status in terms of power distribution to initiate merging and will finally give a fight to the whales group-although we knew for sure, we have a little slim of winnings. They had agreed on our merging and they finally come to Villains, they are good people, smart and considerate. We keep talking each other in the group chat, helping each other in all Missions and always sharing tips in the current events happening in the game. It was all so fun to be with them, sharing any possible resources to every member and informing them any coming game updates.

As for this Christmas, they were celebrating with their family but at the same time they will login in the game to make sure we have greeted everyone during the season. It was fun indeed celebrating this season with your most trusted and loyal members, and sharing the spirit of Christmas with Love and Joy.

I am hoping that we will always stay together with many, many, years with Naruto Online while we handle the responsibility of life with greatness and maturity.

Merry Christmas Villains!

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In-Game Name: Sukuna
Region: HK
Server: S26: Kisame
UID: 200000096368823


When the Christmas come, we plan to do all the daily task together in game. Every Monday, we will form a group of 3 to complete a strong approaching together as the rewards is more promising. Every Tuesday, we will provide a help towards team instance to help group members complete the 5 chances given daily. Every Wednesday, we will remind each other to free their time to go for Great Ninja War and help the team. Every Thursday, we will chatting to each other on other platform to help others get the right answer on cat quiz. Every Friday, we will form a team of three to beat the rogue ninja and fill in the top spot during rogue ninja event. Every Saturday, we will remind each other to do a group summon to gain free coupons and every Sunday, we will provide a help on rescue to the jinchuuriki. Its beautiful when we keep helping each other during convoy by provide a support and every night do a decisive bonds together. Its become exquisite when this Christmas Fuku deals comes with great offer, most of us decided to go for lucky sna-tch with a tactic to hit the jackpot. Ironically, with good advice from old members, most of us can hit the 50k milestones by spending wisely during each events to grab this opportunity. That's how we spend the Christmas together, by prioritizing to helps each other whoever in needs.

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IGN: 藍馬雪鳥
Server : HK - S1369
UID : 300004908471724

I joined my server when it opened 2 years ago. At first, I didn't know how to play the game and I was shy, so I didn't join any groups and do all the missions by myself. TI was especially hard, because I had to defeat all the opponents myself.

One day, the leader of KonohaAnbu group sent me a pm, "I see you around all the time, but you don't have a group. Do you need help with missions?" Then we chatted, and I joined his group. I was greeted by a warm welcome. Since then, I didn't need to worry about activities anymore, because there always was someone nice enough to help whenever I need it. Chat was active, and I found myself chatting with internet strangers about work, life, and everything else. Friendship was formed from the conversations, and internet strangers became friends who gave important advice to real life problems, and the first to approach when I needed someone to talk to.

However, our leader took a hiatus due to his health issues. "Take care of my guys before I return," he told me, gave me his position, and disappeared. My power wasn't strong, but like he did, I helped anyone with activities when asked. Since then, a lot had happened. Like any new server, activity drop gradually. 2 groups remained from the initial 4. Merge occurred, a lot of people contemplate switching, and our adjacent group merged with another. But we stayed, because our bonds were made by our friendship instead of amount of rewards or results of battle. Our group even grew a bit when we recruited some like-minded members, and we made a group in social media. Photos, gifs, and emojis were shared everyday. Some members even posted homework questions, and we all tried to help, despite some never studied related subjects and led to a lot of laughs.

Merge brought activity to a server, but sometimes, also toxicity. There are some people from the strongest group who enjoy pk fights during Rogue Ninja Outburst, and like to attack all other groups in the activity. Some groups tried to bargain and failed. The strongest group wasn't looking for rewards or thrill of battle, they just want to kick you out of the map because you are of a different nationality.

In the end, most groups shied away from the rogue ninja activity, but we didn't. We stayed. Our main priority in game wasn't in-game reward, but we won't tolerate it when members were bullied and sad. So we fought, as the smallest group in the server against the biggest. We saved up coupons, and bought some ninjas, so when they click us in rogue ninja activity, even across 1 mil power difference, their own time was wasted. Some were even stalled until the start of the next wave. Eventually, they stopped, and we could participate in the activity in peace alongside their group. We were very proud of this achievement, and we still talked about it even after months.

This Christmas was our second Christmas together. As with last year, we did a countdown in the group chat. Photos of our real life celebrations were shared onto the social media group, and we learnt a lot about cultures of different countries. We had been talking about making some themed group photos for some time, so when I asked my group to pose for the below screenshot, they were quick to agree and enthusiastic about choosing characters and positions. That was our first group photo, but countless others were taken after that one. We chatted, took photos, took midnight snacks because someone posted a food photo and made everyone hungry, and celebrated Christmas until the morning, to the frustrations to some parents. Celebrating with groupmates were as fun as with any friends in real life.


Merry Christmas & Happy 2022 :)

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