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Naruto's Christmas Event!


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I can be a santa too~ - Create Your Own Ninja (Christmas Version)


How to: Interested participants must create an original Christmas version Ninja from the current available and playable ninjas in the game. The entries must include an image of the chosen ninja in Christmas outfit and must have an original set of skills made by the participants.


-The ninja must be an original christmas ninja that isn't in the game yet

-You gotta include an image of the chosen ninja in a Christmas Outfit, you can either create this yourself or take one from the internet!

-Be original. Don't just make a ninja overpowered just because, it must make sense.

Reward: 3 Entries will be chosen for the 3000 Coupons Reward and 2 Entries will be chosen for Consolation Prize of 1000 Coupons.

A wonderful Shinobi Christmas Story – Story Making


How to:Interested participants must create an original story based on the Konoha Village, celebrating their Christmas Season. The story must depict a wonderful and happy story of the Konoha Ninjas, preparing for their Christmas Season in the village. The story can be long or short, depending on the participant’s taste.


-The story MUST not be copypasted from the internet

- Minimum 200 words and maximum 500 words.

Reward: 3 Entries will be chosen for the 3000 Coupons Reward and 2 Entries will be chosen for Consolation Prize of 1000 Coupons.

Both events are gonna be up until January 2nd, HK time!

For ANY questions about the event, you can PM me here OR contact me on discord (Nobu#2503). ANY questions about the event in the thread will be deleted.

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======== UID: 300016887689340 ======== HK Server S850: Anbu Scroll ======== In-Game-Name: TomboLockd


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UID: 300008029103493 UK Server :1824: Healing Jutsu In-game Name: Pomak


Mystery : Takemikazuchi-No-Christmas: Causes damage to the opponents entire Lineup, 5 combo and paralysis that can not be cleansed , selected unit will suffer from Knockdown.

Battlefield cooldown:1 Cooldown Time:2 Chakra usage:40

base Attack: Chidori : Attack a line of units in the front, 5 combo and high chanses causes knockdown. This skill ignores shields.

Chase : Chidori Spear: Chases and attack high floated unit, causes 10 combo, paralysis and repulse. This skill cancels buffs and shields.

Passive : Christmas Susano'o: Sasuke has super armor. Unit who attack Sasuke have %20 chance of receive Fear

Passive : Family : Sasuke will increase his own ninjutsu and attack %10 for every uchiha unit in your field.

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  • UID:200000099141120; UK Server S363: Third Mizukage; In-Game Name: AsukaIshimaru
  • Christmas Hidan
  • Cooldown Time: Round 2; Battlefield Cooldown: Round 2; Chakra Usage: 40; Additional Status: None
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    Create Your Own Ninja - Itachi Christmas

    UID: 300040399299212

    Region: HK

    Server :1481

    IGN: Sushi

    Screenshot 2021-12-22 at 1

    Mystery: Deals heavy Fire damage, 6 Combo to up to 6 units in the opponent's field, causes Repulse to the selected unit. The selected unit will also suffer from Elf Illusion for 1 round. If the selected unit is already suffering from Elf Illusion, this skill will ignore a certain amount of resistance and defense and will also suffer from Irremovable Ignition which neglects Immunity for 1 round.

    Battlefield cooldown : 1

    Mystery cooldown : 2

    Chakra : 40

    Standard: Attacks a random unit in opponent's field and has a chance of causing High Float.

    -Chase 1: Chases and Attacks a Repulse unit, causes High Float and Elf Illusion. If the unit already suffering from Elf Illusion, this skill will ignore a certain amount of Defense and Resistance.

    -Passive 1: Itachi is immune to Debuffs and will cause Elf Illusion whenever opponents deal Elemental Damage to him. Itachi's Attack and Ninjutsu will be increased by 6% (stackable) when Elf Illusion is inflicted.

    -Passive 2: In the beginning of even numbered rounds, Itachi will summon an Elf ChristmasTree. Upon summoning, Elf ChristmasTree will randomly apply one of the buffs to all friendly units: Attack & Ninjutsu Increased by 5% or Resistance & Defense Increased by 5% or Critical Rate Increased by 5%. Additionally, whenever Elf ChristmasTree exists in the field, it will reflect all debuffs. Elf ChristmasTree will inherit 15% of Itachi's base stats & health.

    -New Debuff Elf Illusion Whenever the unit suffering from this Debuff, they have high chance of missing their standard attacks, Mystery skill or chase attacks 1 time in that round. This debuff ignores Immunity and cannot be dispelled when Elf ChristmasTree is in the field.

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    UID: 200000106008190
    Region: UK
    Server: 1292
    IGN: Homelander

    Create Your Own Ninja: Tayuya [Christmas]


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    Same Procedure as Every Year (499 words)

    by UID:200000099141120; UK Server S363: Third Mizukage; In-Game Name: AsukaIshimaru

    Gently, slowly they came drifting down as he threw a look up at the cloudy skies above the hoarfrost-coated treetops of the Konoha Forest. The snow from last night had already settled in and powdered the Fire Country in a white wintry blanket, but the flakes still kept falling as he trudged on even deeper into the forest. The air was cold but clear.

    “It’s that time of the year again, huh?” he murmured listlessly and sighed deeply, exhaling the smoke of his cigarette, which froze in the air along with his breath. “How troublesome.”

    Shikamaru still remembered how every year on Christmas Eve his late father would head out into the very part of the snow-covered forest which was guarded by his clan, dragging a sleigh laden with a bulky sack and other equipment to tend to the deer behind him, then return to Konoha proper for the main event once the preparations were done…

    But with his father resting in his cold grave, it was Shikamaru’s turn to do the troublesome deed from now on.

    And his trusty nin deer Rikumaro was already waiting on him with a few others of the herd; he knew as well, it was time. “How troublesome, indeed,” Shikamaru sighed again, snuffed out his cigarette, then approached the stag and gently rubbed its muzzle. “Let’s get ready, shall we?”

    First he set up the salty deerlick stones and refilled the mangers with plenty hay. And as the deer feasted on the hay, he pulled out a soft brush to comb them down nicely and thoroughly until their fur was shiny and fluffy, then set about bridling them. Small bells fastened to the headcollars chimed and jingled whenever they sh00k their heads as he proceeded to put the nin deer in front of the sleigh, Rikumaro-- of course-- leading the team.

    But Shikamaru was not done yet. “How troublesome,” he kept mumbling as he rummaged inside the sack on the sleigh, then hurried to change into the things he had brought. “To think Dad had gone through this very trouble every year! So cold! Brr,” he complained to no one in particular, chattering his teeth. Rikumaro soothingly nudged him with his his muzzle, always so apprehensive of his master’s moods and thoughts. “I know, I know. It’s for the King’s sake after all… so I’ll do it, even if it’s troublesome. What wouldn’t I do to see them smile, right?”

    Shikamaru sighed again once everything was in place, then boarded the sleigh and pulled gently on the reigns. “Let’s go!” The deer set in motion, snow quietly crunching under their hooves, bells chiming with every step on their way back into the village and through the streets decorated with baubles, garlands and fairy lights. The crowd already awaited his arrival, smiles and happily gleaming eyes beaming at him everywhere.

    And although he felt awkward, he raised his hand and waved at them, clearing his throat he exclaimed: “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, everyone!”

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    UID: 826792123508195328

    Server: S70: Fu Yamanaka

    IGN: Oreooo

    I did the costume btw ^^ (6)

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    UID: 200000099185262

    UK Server S363: Third Mizukage

    IGN: Pshark

    Create Your Own Ninja: Tenten [Christmas]

    ddob3a5-e81a7e89-2b33-4c15-87bb-b9ff17ab03ebTenten (Christmas)

    Mystery: Ninja Tool - Candy Cane Kunai [Prompt]

    Battlefield Cooldown: 1; Mystery Cooldown: 3; Chakra: 20

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    IGN: AyanaK


    UID: 200000091710673

    It was a cold night when no one dared to go outside, not even the most daring shinobi. The snowstorm covered the whole village - all you could see was the endless white snow. Among the trees, a shinobi could barely be seen. From his usual black clothes, no color could be deciphered on his clothes from the white snowflakes .His eyelashes were frozen, and he struggled to use his sword to make his way through the snow. He had known this forest since he was a child, but since everything was covered, he could not describe where he was.

    Somewhere further on, a pink-haired woman stood at the window of a house with a worried expression on her face. She seemed to be waiting for something, or rather, for someone. The coffee, which was once warm in her hands, had cooled staying in the same position.

    - Sakura, stay calm! a voice could be heard in her right, squeezing her shoulder in a way that would calm her and reduce the tension she was feeling. He's coming, but you know how Sasuke is like, he likes to be expected. Come and have dinner with us until he comes.

    - No, I'd rather wait for him, Hinata. I feel like something happened, she says worriedly.

    - As you wish, in case you change your mind, you know where we are. She felt abandoned, and she was afraid he would not show up. But "he promised to be here" , she says to herself. She didn't know what to think, but most probably he withdrew again because of the fear of coping with his feelings. But she didn't know that somewhere in the Konoha Forest of Death, a shinobi was trying to come to her. Somewhere in the woods, Sasuke is stopped by someone, Sai who is patrolling the woods.

    - What are you doing in these woods, Sasuke?

    - Don't cross my path, Sasuke says. I'm waited somewhere, and I don't have enough time for you.

    - And when I wanted to help you to take you home to Naruto. Then I'd better get going if you don't want my help.

    - Ok, wait! Take me until I change my mind. At these words, Sai takes the scroll and began to draw a large bird. On which they go up and go together to the chosen destination. He thanks Sai after getting off the bird. He doesn't even manage to open the door well, because Sakura jumps into his arms. She hugs him tightly until she starts to take two steps back so she can see his face.

    - I thought you decided not to come, Sakura says with red puffy eyes from so much crying.

    - I always keep my promises, baka. In addition, we are no longer two children now, we are adults. Many things have happened, but I have decided to take our relationship seriously, he says while taking two fingers and pushing them into her forehead.


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    IGN: Gunk

    Server : 733

    Region : UK

    UID : 300028608511227

    Create Your Own Ninja: Mei Terumi [Christmas]



    Lava Style: Melting presents [Prompt]

    Deals damage to 9 units from opponent's team causing 4 Combo, Ignite and Knockdown to selected unit. If selected unit is a male ninja, this skill cause 10% more damage.

    Cooldown Time: Round 2;

    Battlefield Cooldown: Round 1;

    Chakra Usage: 40;

    Additional Status: Knockdown, Combos, Ignite

    Standard attack

    Boil Release: Corrosive mist

    Causes Water and Fire attribute damage, Ignite(neglects immunity, can't be removed) to 2 units from opponent's lineup until the end of the round. This skill never miss.


    Water Style: Water bomb jutsu

    Chases and attacks Knockdown unit, causing Low Float and Immobile.This skill can be triggered twice each round, and whenever Mei triggers this skill gains additional standard attack.

    Passive 1

    Christmas present:

    Before first action in each round, decrease Defence and Resistance by 10% to 2 random male ninjas from opponent's lineup (stackable). Additionally increase Ninjutsu and Attack by 8% to 2 random units from ally team (stackable).

    Passive 2

    Christmas tree:

    At beginning of battle summons christmas tree with 50% of Mei's HP base. While christmas tree is on the field Mei is immune to debuffs and her Mystery skill has no cooldown. As long as tree is on the field, each round will cancel 2 layers of debuffs for 1 random unit.

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    A wonderful Shinobi Christmas Story – Story Making

    UID: 300040399299212

    Region: HK

    Server :1481

    IGN: Sushi


    Months after the Great Ninja War, the Konoha Village is still recovering from the damage the war has brought to the people. There were no festive seasons, no celebrations, but only pain and sorrow, to the souls that lost in the battle.

    Children just don’t believe in Santa anymore, it’s better to train hard and be a ninja rather than having hopes to receive presents during Christmas.

    But one kid was different. He was named after the seventh Hokage - Naruto Uzumaki as Narumaki, because his parents hoped for great things from their only son, which is to inherit the Spirit of Hope and the Will of Fire.

    Even at very young age, Narumaki was a kind and helpful boy. He often lend a helping hand to those in need, and he brought joy to the village by sharing his food or doing some trick stunts.

    There’s one day when Narumaki noticed that he has to do something to bring back how Konoha Village used to be and he knew that he could help the people in Kenosha Village to be happy and full of hope again.

    On Christmas Eve, while the whole village slept, he visited each and every house to drop a gift made by him - cookies in the shape of a maple leaf.

    The next morning, when people found the gift, they were surprised and understood what Narumaki trying to conveyed to them. The leaf represents the Spirit of Hope and the Will of Fire, which states the entire village is like a large family and every Konoha villagers with the Will of Fire loves, believes, cherishes, and fights to protect the village, as previous generations had done before them. They will never lose hope, and always hope and fight for the better future.

    People in Konoha began to celebrate Christmas again. They started to deliver cookies made in the shape of a maple leaf to neighbours and fellow friends. Smile and laughter starting to fill every corner of the streets.

    And so Konoha celebrates Christmas again thanks to Narumaki. Konoha Saviour was not only referring to those who protect Konoha from war or invasion, but also those who bring hope & joy back to the village.


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    Server: 1516

    In-game name: WhiteLady•GrannyShion

    Region: UK

    UID: 300014799748169

    A wonderful Shinobi Christmas Story – Story Making

    A man with a scarred and wounded face waltzes through the Konoha streets along with his helpers. It’s Ibiki Morino and the former Root and active Anbu members. His mission is to show and teach how a strict and well-known sadist person c*so be the other face of the Moon, the uncovered and sweet person during the Christmas season. His pupils walk behind him, expressionless as they stomp heavily. Their pride crushed as they were once known as the dark shadows of the Konoha with hands stained with corrupt blood, yet now their hands are carrying baskets full of sweets and chocolates. Their cloaks and mysterious masks traded into red capes and reindeer headbands. In contrast, Ibiki wears a teddy-bear smile on his mouth, with a black sack behind his back and compliments the citizens with a brief nod. He seems to be unfazed with the change of attire, from dark to festive, and the reaction of some passengers.

    As their leader, Ibiki not only had to teach them somehow the human emotions, but he also had to share the warm embrace of the Christmas spirit with everyone. Elders, adults, and children are bound to be jolly in the special season, and no one is supposed to be left behind. Each street was coated with soft snow, colourful lights, shiny bows, and red canes. The citizens were admiring the snowflakes as well the unusual red parade consisting of him and his followers. Ibiki shouted with his thick voice, “Merry Jolly Christmas!!!”, and then he proceeded to open his bag to distribute shiny robots and beautiful dolls for the children. The atmosphere brimmed with pure happiness and laughter, children beamed with surprise, and even the grown-ups were astonished.

    “Do we also get presents?" Asked a nearby citizen.

    “Everyone is a child today. Choose what you want, and there is more at the end of the night, aren’t I right, Teuchi?” Replied Ibiki, looking at him. “I’m looking forward to your Ichiraku’s ramen. Me and my army.”

    “Yes, come when you are done. The night is a child likewise us.” Teuchi laughed. “Perhaps, I should take one of the sweets and make a sweet ramen for today, or not.” He approached one of the Root members and tapped softly on his shoulder. “Ease my child, the seal is broken, your lord gone for good, and rest assured that we, as Konoha citizens, will always be indebted to you.”

    He turned around and spoke to an Anbu member, “You are also not forgotten. Our safety is only because of you and our dearest Hokage. Merry Christmas y’all!”, then he left in the direction of his shop.

    Ibiki was astonished, his role as Santa Claus, but the suitable person, in the end, was Teuchi.

    “It seems that I have to learn his Talk No Jutsu.” Smiled Ibiki.

    Behind him, his followers were plotting to dethrone Ibiki.

    “Lord Teuchi should guide us next Christmas season.” They stated

    (493 words)


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    In-Game Name: Sukuna
    Region: HK
    Server: S26: Kisame
    UID: 200000096368823


    Obito Uchiha [Christmas]

    Hellish Christmas Blaze Wave[Prompt]: Deals fire damage, Ignition and 3 combos for whole opponent team, causes Suppress Armor, Extreme Kamui Tag and Repulse to selected unit. Units suffering from Extreme Kamui Tag will have their evasion rate reduce by 35% and will reduce 3% of their ninjutsu and attack whenever they execute any actions. Extreme Kamui Tag cannot be dispelled and neglect immunity for 1 round.

    Battlefield cooldown:1 Mystery cooldown:2 Chakra:40

    Space time - Christmas Present: Attack a random lineup from the opponent's team, causes 5 combos and Tag to every unit hits.

    Divine Assault - Christmas Tree: Triggered with at least 15 combos, deal damage and 3 combos up to 6 units in the opponent's lineup team and absorb all their chakra, as well has a chance to reduce Obito mystery cooldown for 1 round.

    Santa's here: At the start of each round, remove all debuffs for whole lineup team and increase ninjutsu and attack by 10% OR resistance and defense by 15% (stackable up to 5 times), as well keep at least 60 chakra if being absorbed.

    Kamui Christmas: Summons a barrier 1st, 5th and 9th round which limit the chakra gained to 60 and remove shield from both sides. Obito has a high chance to dodge chase. During this barrier active, have 45% chance of units attacking Obito will suffer from Extreme Kamui Tag.

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    IGN: Shades

    Server : 450

    Region : UK

    UID : 200000104000487

    Ino [Christmas]
    Tags: Konoha, Yamanaka Clan, Secret Jutsu User, Female

    - Mistrery - [Instant] Christmas Tree Attack - Mind Disturbance Dance: Deals unmissable Ninjutsu and Taijutsu damage to whole enemy lineup, causes 5 Combo. Selected unit will suffer from Low Float, Extreme Chaos and will have all Shields and Buffs canceled.

    - Standard - Blazing Palm - Christmas Present: Attacks the opponent's front row and has a fixed chance of causing 10 Combo and Ignition.

    - Chase - Christmas Present: Chases and attacks a Low Floated unit, causing Knockdown, Extreme Chaos and Dream while reducing own cooldown for 1. If there is a Christmas tree is present on the field, can be triggered twice each round.

    - Passive 1 - Christmas Dance: Summons a Christmas Tree which on the start of each round heals 2 ninjas with lowest health and removes 2 layers of Debuffs. Decreases up to 4 male units Defense and Resistance by 30% for 4 rounds.

    - Passive 2 - Forbidden Flower: At the beginning of the battle, increases Attack and Ninjutsu of all Secret Technique attribute units in your team by 30%, last for 5 rounds.

    Artwork by anele

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    In Game Name: Iris

    UID: 200000090087544

    My Server: S154 - Ninja Monkey

    My Server Region: UK

    Kakashi [Christmas]

    Tags: Male, Konoha, Sword-User, Blood Limit


    [Instant] Christmas Tree Attack [Nin/Tai]:

    Deals unavoidable damage to 3 units, neglects Immunity and 5 Combo. Selected unit will have it's Shields and Buffs canceled and will suffer from Knockdown.


    Earth Release: Rending Drill Tree [Nin/Tai] [Earth Release Technique]

    Attacks up to 3 opponent's units. Causes Repulse, neglects Immunity and surpasses Supper Armor from a random unit.


    White Light Blade [Tai]:

    Chases and attacks a Repulsed unit, causes High Float and reduces enemies Defense and Critical for 5% (stackable). Can be trigger up to 3 times.

    Passive 1

    Christmas gift [Tai/Nin]: On start of the battle, two ninjas will randomly gain one of the following effects: 30% Attack and Ninjutsu increase, obtain two additional Chases OR obtain two additional Standard attacks. Last until the end of battle.

    Passive 2

    Hidden Santa of Konoha [Nin]:

    On the start of each round, becomes Immune to Debuffs. Additionally, summons a reindeer. While reindeer is present, each ninja which causes Mystery/Standard/Chase damage from team will heal themselves in 25% of caused damage. When reindeer is destroyed, one random unit from team will have all it's Debuffs canceled and will get Immunity, last until end of the round.

    Credits for artwork goes to: Ao12_YunJae


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    In-Game Name: Blitz

    Region: HK

    Server: S343 - Blade Dance

    UID: 200000098175914

    I can be a Santa too~ - Create Your Own Ninja (Christmas Version)


    Credit: rendered by DP1757 on DeviantArt

    Hanabi [Christmas]

    Elemental Attribute: Fire

    Tags: Female , Konoha, Blood Limit , Hyuga Clan , Secret Jutsu User

    *Recruitable at 3 Stars*

    Mystery (Prompt): Christmas Vibe (NIN):

    Removes all debuffs for a selected ally lineup in the field and randomly gives that lineup one of the following:

    Immunity to debuffs for 1 round / Super Armor for 1 round / Mystery Chakra Cost decrease by 20 for 2 rounds

    Battlefield Cooldown: 0

    Cooldown: 3

    Chakra: 0

    Standard: Hanabi Style - 8 Trigrams 32 Palms (TAI/NIN):

    Deals damage to enemy unit in the front row causing guaranteed Acupuncture and 32 COMBO. Furthermore, the unit hit by this standard will have their mystery skill cooldown locked for 1 round. (This skill ignores all non-ninja units, Taunt, and Provoke)

    Chase: Blazing Air Palm - Christmas Present (TAI/NIN - Fire Elemental Damage):

    Chases and attacks a Low Floated unit, causes Repulse, Ignition , and Critical Hit. (This skill ignores DEF and RES)

    Passive 1: Christmas Dance (NIN):

    At the start of battle, increases your lineup's DEF and RES by 30% for 2 rounds. (Cannot be removed or dispelled)

    Passive 2: The Hyuga Tradition (TAI):

    At the beginning of every even numbered round, Hanabi enters her [Byakugan State] that lasts for 1 round. Additionally, at the beginning of every odd numbered round, Hanabi enters [Endurance Mode] that lasts for 1 round.

    Hanabi's Byakugan State - Hanabi's attacks becomes unavoidable and reduces the opponent's maximum chakra limit by 20 per hit that lasts until the end of the next round. (Stackable up to 3 times)

    Hanabi's Endurance Mode - Hanabi receives less damage from all sources by 25%. Hanabi also increases her DEF and RES by 5% whenever she receives damage. (DEF and RES increase are removed once the round ends)

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    IGN: Teds ᴾᴴ

    Server : S1721

    Region : HK

    UID : 356622780734975

    Create Your Own Ninja (Christmas Version)



    Elemental Attribute: Fire

    Tags: Male , Konoha, Akimichi Clan, Secret Jutsu User

    Recruitable: 3 Star


    Christmas Gift Bombs-Prompt (TAI/NIN)

    Causes 30% increased damage up to 9 units of the Opponents Team and summons a Christmas Tree (Max 3 only). A selected unit will suffer from Knockdown and 10 combos. This skill is immune to Interruption.

    Cooldown Time: Round 2

    Battlefield Cooldown: Round 1

    Chakra Usage: 40


    Christmas Stomp (TAI)

    Attacks the entire opponents lineup, dealing an unmissable damage with a high chance to cause Knockdown.


    Christmas Rush (NIN/TAI)

    Chases and Attacks a Knocked Down unit while removing all Shields and Buffs, Immobile and Ignition and decreasing this unit’s Mystery Cooldown by 1 round.


    Akimichi Christmas Tree (NIN)

    Before first action each round, each Christmas Tree present will give 10% Attack and Ninjustu (stackable) Increase to 2 Random Allies. If the Christmas Tree is destroyed by enemy attacks, it will give an automatic 40% Attack and Defense (stackable) to this unit and lasts until the end of the round.


    Akimichi Christmas Noche Buena (NIN)

    Before each round, Choji eats, recovering 15% of his Life based on his Ninjutsu and 10% heal to any Christmas Tree present. Also removing all of his Debuffs, gaining immunity to Debuffs and a Strong Armor.

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    IGN: 藍馬雪鳥
    Server : HK S1369
    ID : 300004908471724

    Story Making

    Madara Uchiha stared at the crowd. They stared back. He’d never felt more awkward in his life.

    It’s the first Christmas Eve since the foundation of Konoha. Streets were filled with decorations of all shapes and sizes as all clans pooled together various traditions and celebrated as one. Madara only planned to walk around, eat a big meal, and call it a day, then Tobirama dropped a red hat onto his head using Flying Raijin Jutsu. But he couldn’t say no to Hashirama’s depressed act when First Hokage asked him to play Santa for the village.

    His heart sank when he thought of a little girl who ran away this afternoon when he tried to help out with her house’s decorations, but regrettably, he already accepted the request, so he’d complete it. Perfectly.

    He didn’t know how to make the “ho-ho-ho” of Santas, but he imagined Hashirama sparring with him, then he laughed maniacally, “hahahahaha! Kids, come collect your presents!” The sound came off weird, but one bold kid stepped forward, tempted by the shiny box in his hand. Others soon flocked towards him after the boy received a present. When everyone got a gift and left with laughter, Tobirama came over and took the reins.

    Tobirama, in reindeer outfit, teleported the sleigh street after street. Everywhere, Madara made his weird laugh and gave presents to children, wishing them Merry Christmas. He was greeted by surprised glances when people recognized him behind the beard. But in the end, children beamed and adults tentatively smiled, some even sh-oo-k his hand and made small talks with him.

    When his enormous bag finally emptied, Madara's hand brushed against something in his pocket. He took it out, and asked his “reindeer” for a favour. Minutes later, his sleigh appeared in front of a house, and he quietly put the flower ring he picked up earlier onto the Christmas tree.

    The little girl who once fled ran out from her house. She hugged him and thanked “Santa Madara” for returning the flower ring she lost after spending hours to make. His ran out of gifts, so he gave the girl a fire jutsu show as present. She stared in wonder and gave him gingerbread-men in return. He found himself smiling when he returned to the sleigh.

    “Being liked feels good, eh? Just put on that idiotic smile of yours and they’ll love you,” Tobirama scoffed, but added when he scowled, “I know you like eavesdropping, but what you didn't hear that day, was that Brother made me promise to assist you to become Second Hokage. For the sake of the village, the least I can do is help improve your image. I hate to say it, honestly, but good job today.”

    Later that night, in the secret room of Naka Shrine, Madara stared at the stone tablet. He read again the line that bugged him the past week.

    Uchiha will be saved by the Infinite Tsukuoyomi.

    “Nah, screw it. My family is bigger than that.”


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    A Wonderful Shinobi Christmas Story – Story Making

    (500 words)

    It’s Christmas time again!! Naruto shouts in joy. After all the hard work I went through this year, it’s now finally time to spend my hard earned money. Naruto says, grinning while opening his froggy coin purse. Naruto thinks about his friends and how he cherishes them. Naruto wants to strengthen his bonds with his friends and decides to buy them all gifts. Luckily, Naruto asked around the village about his friend’s hobbies and what they like. Naruto then goes shopping! Naruto spots a “Shihou-masa” style shogi board, well known for being a highly-valued cutting style, perfect for Shikamaru since he loves playing Shogi. Naruto then stumbles upon a shop which sells a fortune-telling kit, a nice gift for Tenten. As soon as Naruto leaves the shop, he sees a botanical shop that sells pressed flowers and other various flowers, some of which are medicinal flowers. Naruto purchases a pressed flower kit, a good gift to Hinata, and a bunch of medicinal plants for Sakura. Naruto then felt hungry and went off to buy some quick chips to fill the hunger. While buying some cup noodles for himself, he saw a new exclusive product of chips with brand new flavors never even heard of. An excellent gift for Choji but the only way to get them is to win a contest which was about to start shortly in a nearby location. Naruto rushes to the destination and applies to join the contest. The contest was a food eating contest! Naruto quickly eats as many as he could, but as minutes pass by, he looks at his competitors and see they are doing far better than him. Naruto then comes up with an idea, he uses his Shadow Clone Jutsu to help him. The host was shocked but ultimately gave Naruto the win due to the contest having no rules of using such technique. The owner of the chips was amused and introduced himself and his other wealthy friends to Naruto. Naruto then took the opportunity and asked each of them a favor. One of them owns a shopping mall and park exclusive to selected people. Naruto asked for an exclusive pass for Ino for shopping and one for Kiba and Akamaru to access the park. The second owned a temple which was a sanctuary for bugs, a sight to see for Shino and a place to meditate for Neji. The last one was an inventor. Naruto requested to make a set of special weights that get heavier with each step for Rock Lee. Much to their amu*t, they all agreed to Naruto’s requests. Finally, after a long day, Naruto visits Sasuke’s home, where he drops of a special scrapbook of all the adventures he and Sasuke had ever had. Going back home, as Naruto enters his room, he is greeted by all his friends with a surprise Christmas party. They pooled all their funds together to get Naruto a 1 year free Ichiraku Ramen Pass! Naruto cries with a smile.


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