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they are scamming me with coupons


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Hi everyone

I want to make this statement being brief, last week in front of one more player of the game they stole 5k coupons in a matter of 1 minute since I only disputed to change my account and when I entered they had stolen them and left me in 0

Today when I enter again I claim my 1k coupons of the infinite illusion event and when I exit and re-enter the game I find that I have 800 missing coupons, not only that but when searching they appear in the character inventory and NO CAN BE USED on absolutely nothing

I do not know if it is a bug but personally I would like them to return them to me because last week I did not do anything thinking it was my mistake (although there was no record of having spent them or points in an event or anything) but today With what happened I realized that it is a mistake not mine if I do not play the game

Thank you for your attention and I would appreciate if you could help me with that issue


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If you are missing coupons you will need to contact the customer support platform to have this issue resolved. Here is the link.

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