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I will submit this suggestion for you, though I will point out that this will probably do little to help in your theoretical 300k vs 2M bp situation. With that kind of power disparity, the higher player doesn't need the targeting assist to find easier players to attack.

As for the groupings by power, while often lauded by players in the mid-power range, this is actually a more infeasible idea. It would create a situation with the same kind of rankings, only people would be complaining that 'those darn 500ks are killing us 300ks' or however it was arbitrarily decided to create the power gap between brackets. Not to mention that whale-level players under the proposed system simply wouldn't be allowed to play, making the entire system completely infeasible. With such a bracket, a 3M+ player would have perhaps 4 other people he or she could do SWB with, meaning SWB would never happen. Obviously, that's an issue. That is one of the reasons that sage is based upon level, and not power. While it sounds on the surface, the power bracket concept just doesn't work, and ultimately it leads to the exact same problems, just with a different subset of people happy/upset based upon how lucky they are to fall in the brackets.

But as for this suggestion, This is pretty hard coded into the event, and this isn't a widely-desired change, so I don't know if you can expect to see this changed any time soon, if at all, but I will send it in for you.


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