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[ Bugs ] NInja Test - German questions


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I've been playing on current server a long time (with more than one account), but gradually quitting the game since I have a feeling nothing is improving or being fixed, everything is just a boring routine and developers ignore every ticket sent as bugs. I would like to show an example of the bugs I've reported for Ninja Test (same questions in german language keep appearing). I've reported them at least 12 times already as the screenshots prove it (and I've got them even more times, I just didn't want to report them always), every time tickets were "sent" to developers and after 2 or 3 days automatically resolved and closed, but in reality nothing was fixed. I wonder why should a person even sent tickets to support if in reality nothing is being fixed?

Ninja Test

Ninja Test German

Ninja Test German Sky

Ninja Test German Sky v1

Ninja Test German v1

Ninja Test German Sky v2

Ninja Test German v2

Ninja Test German v3

Ninja Test German v4

German - 12042021

Ninja Test German v5

Ninja Test German v6

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