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[ Help ] who to choose


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Hi guys. hope you can help me. just got these ninjas and I dont know who to choose. 2 months old server. hope you can help me who to choose. please give me some suggestion. thanks.


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I think hiruzen will help you or minato

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wow,so lucky

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I think it depends. Minato is good for start but hiruzen is better in current meta and in the long run. Tobirama and hashirama not that useful imo

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how did u get this pack?

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Edited the msg coz i mixed up hiruzen third with edo hiruzen, none of the selection ninjas are exactly p1 material in the current meta,

should aim for naruto sosp full breakthru for pos1, hiruzen third will still be my preferred choice as a support for sosp. .

when you collect/select ninjas try to build towards that intended 4-person slots team that will last a while.

you may also wanna delay open the pack until you are finally sure you need/want whichever ninja

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