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[ Lineup ] Hashirama Senju [The Final Battle] Lineups


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Hey guys!





This ninjas description is a bit wordy and confusing so I recommend reading both the in-game one and konoha proxy one.

He has 2 mysteries, 1st one has 1 round battlefield cooldown 40 chakra cost, 2nd one has 0 round battlefield cooldown and also 40 chakra cost

Mystery: 12 units hit, 50% splash damage to 1 grid away. Overall nothing special except the amount of units and damage

Mystery 2: 12 units hit, removes immunity, absorbs all chakra, causes enfeeble. So this 2nd one is obviously better overall

Standard Attack: So having more than 60% HP is definitely awesome. Being able to dispel buffs and shields on hit and hitting a line of enemies is really strong

Chase: Immobile and never misses if your HP is 60%+

Passive 1: You get the mystery 2 every 2nd round and it has 0 cooldown so you could use it right away. Also more damage

Passive 2: A really good buff in both cases, of course better when your Chakra Explosive Mode is active

The ninja might sound a bit complicated with all these descriptions, but he isn't really. Overall a great pos1 ninja who can absorb chakra, immobile, remove immunity, remove buffs/shields, scales heavily with atk/nin/crit and heals himself.

1. Earth Main


2. Earth Main 2


3. Earth Main 3


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