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[ Suggestions ] Stacking skills


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Hi everyone,

I don't know if other players would agree with me, but I'd like to suggest that you enable stacking for all ninjas.

For example, Hiruzen Sarutobi adds buff for all ninjas (attack and ninjutsu +40%), but does not stack with main character buff.

This also applies to non-stackable added extra standard attacks and other things like that...

This should be different, meaning that every buff is stackable for all ninjas. If multiple ninjas in lineup adds some stats (att/def/nin/res...), or extra standard attacks, or chases or anything else, it should be stackable for all ninjas.

This request is due to lack of info which buffs are stackable and which ones are not. In Hiruzen's case (which I mentioned above) it is at least written that it does not stack with main characters buff, but for great majority of ninjas it is not known will some buff be stackable, or not. For example, does Iruka's buff stacks with Killer Bee's, or Hashirama's, etc...

It appears that buffs that are same in value are not stacked, but if their value is different they are stackable. If this is correct, is it a bug? Maybe this is not correct, but like I said earlier, there are no description or guides that explains this topic.


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