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I have a suggestion about Sasuke:

In anime, Sasuke is at least in pair with Naruto, considering their strength and abilities.

Here in Naruto Online game, that is not the case.

You should consider to at least update Sasuke RS (since that is his strongest version in anime) in a way that improves him.

For example: Unmissable mystery and/or standard attacks, irremovable imunity to debufs, extra Auto-Mysteries in a round, some power-ups, healing, irremovable ignition (Amaterasu) that ignores imunity,... or something like that.

Id like to mention that I still dont have him at all, let alone his BT version so it is not a selfish, but a genuine suggestion that considers Narutos world lore.

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I know many people feel similarly about this. I will put in this suggestion for you.

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