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I have a question about some BT skills:

"Sai" and "Pain-Chikushodo" have unlocked BT, but their "Y" skills and "Skill Trials" are not unlocked.

Is this a bug or they will get that unlock in the future (since they have those "Y" skills on Konoha Proxy)?

Thanks in advance.

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This is not a bug. There is a between Skill Breakthrough and Skill Trials. Skill Trials only activate if a ninja has Y skills, and this allows the trial system, activating the use of experimental vials and experimental protection vials, which is generally considered much easier to access skillbreaks th*ing pure character fragments. If a ninja does not have any Y skills (or L skills) then they must be skill broken solely with skillbooks or character fragments (note that fragments aren't strictly necessary, as some units, like Sai, can have their books purchased in from Tsunade in Konoha).

There is no guarantee that these ninjas will get this unlock in the future. KonohaProxy is not an official site. They pull information from the CN version of the game, which we do not follow precisely. There are many differences between the EN and CN versions of the game, so there is no guarantee that these skill trials will come, or when they will come if they do.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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