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[ Lineup ] Opinions On Jiraiya Position 1 Team


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Hello! Been experimenting with some new lineups. I will say I'm not sure how totally viable Position 1 Jiraiya is but this is what I've come up with and have been using to good success in most cases, it does appear to me though that Jiraiya position 1 does tend to lean towards the more luck based side on who it Supresses immunity and Chaos'. And if you can't get an opponents dodge it just straight misses. However with what I have right now I think this is the best lineup for my current situation. I am going for a chase combo spam mainly to attempt to get all the dodges off before Jiraiya can cast his CC mystery, I don't know if this is best so if anyone has a better talent tree lineup please share.

What do you guys think, post your opinions or additional comments or if you have any recommendations to improve upon this concept would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Team & Talents:
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I've seen some Jiraya p1, not really a good team more a fun team working better on arena than swb, matsuri, db, etc. Also dont think kushina christas is a good chose, u can only spend 20 chakra every 3 rounds with jiraya so her buff is kinda useless for him.

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