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[ Suggestions ] Tenten (Christmast} Recommended


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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2021-11-19 08:06:21
  • Hello,
    I can submit this ninja request for you. Did you have any ideas on abilities you'd like her to have?

mysteri skill : Summon a giant christmast gift filled with bombs and throw it opponent cause 5 opponent ignition and immunity surpressed and fear

cooldown 3 round

chakra cost 40

standard attack: take out a weapon like a * with an iron and jagged tip then the weapon is rotated several times and then hit the opponent cause knockdown (note(:: this weapon appear in ultimate jutsu game naruto shippuden ps2)

chase attack: throw kunai bomb 3 opponent caused iginition and critical damage

passive skill: every beginning of each round tenten summon and the christmas tree will rain bombs for 3 opponent and make opponent critical down

passive skill: every konoha in your team get buff increase critical until last round

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