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[ Suggestions ] New Sasuke Unit [Kirin Style]


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I'd like to throw in a suggestion for a new sasuke unit [Kirin Style] for that I created this posit.

Erm i haven't fully tough out all the skillsets, but when I am ready I will share that too.

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Hello, I believe Sasuke already has a character modelled after this, his base model. I can pass this along, but if you think of any skills you would like included, please pass them along.

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but i mma thinking along the lines of A final battle with Itachi Uchiha's ssn, the regular ssk is op but not a meta nin of the current Era,

we need a New [Kirin Style] for the new year 2022, just like dee Akatsuki Creations !!

Or maybe we can call it, Sasuke [Uchiha's Revenger] ? for a better suit ?

Yeah imma take my sweet time to ponder on dee skills, may seem like a dupe but not: for the new Era.

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