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[ Suggestions ] better support for low-bandwidth/slow connections


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So basically I have a slow-ish internet connection (~600Kbps/70KBps) most of the time and so pretty much every time I go into a fight that has characters and audio that haven't been loaded yet I get hit with the "Exceeded request time #3d402" error. A lot. To the point where I have to refresh the page to get it to advance any further in the fight. Now the mini-client does seem to operate with some kind of cache so if I've loaded all the characters and audio before then there's usually no issues. But many times if there's even one thing that hasn't been loaded it tends to completely halt fights on my end and I run into the aforementioned error once again. I would like to suggest perhaps a way to download all the files the mini-client would need so that it doesn't have to keep attempting to download new files in-game and subsequently cause game-halting errors. Thanks!

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