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[ Suggestions ] New "Treasure" dimension added?


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So I was looking at my lineups and character, and that "Treasure" slot that is not being used could be opened up for a good reason and lineup building system.

I've heard it was supposed to be used for a different Oasis game, but still, it has never been used.

So I got to thinking about what would be a good way to incorporate a new strategy into the game. Since we are always looking for different lineups and fun lineups to use.

And I thought of this:

Treasure Poss

The Idea is to use that open "Treasure" slot (yellow square) to alter the "Tag" attached to the ninja (red square).

This is just an example of what it could do for lineups.

Suigetsu Taka increases all *Hidden Mist Ninja" evasion, but also gives *Hidden Mist and Akatsuki* ninja a shield and a buff to Nin/Atk. If you aquired a "Treasure" that would grant a *Hidden Mist* tag on whomever equips in the "Treasure" slot. This could alter the way we do lineups and plan our strategies for GNW / Sage / Arena. Some people like to run a KIsame Shark, Suigetsu Taka, Kakuzu Creation, and any main lineup. But only half of the team is getting the full, or all, buffs that Suigetsu is providing. But if the "Treasure" slots are being used in this way, the whole team would benefit, and could make for a more interesting and fun match.

The tokens used for the slot could be simple as a symbol to show what "Tag" they could add, but the token could also be leveled up like the rest of the equipment to add a couple of stat boosts as well. Nothing more than 2 or 3 stat boosts to be increased. And the stats could be rotated and added like we have it on the Ninja Tools with Nature boost.

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Hello, thank you for this suggestion, I have heard a lot of speculation for this precise slot, and some of that speculation results in this slot not being able to be used by players. However, I like the idea of being able to add tags to characters, but... this could create a large amount of imbalance, because certain supports would become very useful, instead of having their own niche use. I will pass this suggestion along.

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