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[ Suggestions ] More event ninjas as option


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Hello, would like to request onbringing back old events ninjas that is claimable via event points.

There are too many to name but some suggestion list below..

Random event like limited, fireworks, paper shuriken, etcetc.

Duy Might
Onoki [5 Kage]
Kurenai [Taisho Period]
Asuma [Taisho Period]
Konan [Taisho Period]
Konan [Angel of God]
Hinata [Cloak]
Kurenai [Kimono]
Itachi [Kimono]
Ay [Kimono]
Iruka [Suit]
Naruto [Suit]
Sasuke [Suit]
Shizuka Nadeshiko
Masked Man
Itachi [Anbu]
Yamato [Anbu]
Danzo Shimura
Danzo Shimura [Izanagi]
Madara Uchiha [5 Kage]
Hidan [Death Possession]

Christmas Event
Karin [Christmas]
Shikimaru [Christmas]
Minato [Christmas]
Kushina [Christmas]
Temari [Christmas]

New Year Event
Hashirama [New Year]
Tobimaru [New Year]
Shizune [New Year]
Bee [New Year]
Kiba [New Year]

Summer Event

Asuma [Summer]
Kurenai [Summer]
Kakashi [Summer]
Tsunade [Swimsuit]
Sai [Swimsuit]
Anko [Swimsuit]
Ay [Swimsuit]
Samui [Swimsuit]
Mei [Swimsuit]
Konan [Swimsuit]

Ninjas pertaining to their respective season like Christmas can come out this December.

Also swimsuit and summer ninjas can be release during your summer events since we always see summer events almost every few weeks.

I know there are many on the list of requested ninjas suggestion, but maybe try to put the old season ninjas that fit the season..

Like coming Christmas, please give some old christmas ninja frags that we can collect instead of the same old new ninjas.

Although many people may complain about having old ninjas instead of new, but some might just need that little few more frags to claim the ninjas.

Will be great if we have the option to get these seasonal ninjas and not just only new ninjas all the way.

Example, for limited event, out of 4 claimable ninja, maybe put 1 as the old ninja like

Eg. Itachi [Anbu] + Whatever 3 ninjas that are in the trend now + 2 usual power packs.

At least got 1 old ninja we can collect. Even new servers can benefit from these old ninjas if they want to.

Thank you.

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This is an extensive list. It will be difficult to rotate all these ninjas through the events. I see that some of these were in Treasure of the Sage the last time it came around (that is the purpose of the event, in some ways). You might be able to buy some of them next time it is back. A few of these do make irregular or semi-regular rounds still. For the rest, I will put in your request that they be brought back more regularly. I would also suggest that you keep an eye out to the events you don't normally frequent (again, like Treasure of the Sage for the next time it is back).

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