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[ Help ] Any Veteran Players Have Power Up Advice?


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Hello I have been playing off and on for a few years since the launch but just recently have I gotten serious about progression and started thinking about spending some money here and there to boost the progress. In the eyes of veteran players what advice do you have for players that are looking to make the best use of their resources? Some things are a given to me like saving materials for rebates and all that and for Fukomaru deals but was wondering if there was really any other tips players should know in order to maximize what they're doing to get better power increases overall? Would really appreciate any and all advice you guys have to give.
Thank you for taking the time to read!

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  • ParkChaeYoung On 2021-11-06 22:08:37
  • As mentioned, save your cp for rebates etc.

    Mostly make good use of your ingot on froggy event, good return exchange rate ingot to coupons.

    Also join the Shinobi Feast or Konoha Special Sales, like spending 195 ingot for a secret scroll pack to gain 20 lucky points.

    It is like a lucky draw with a chance to get free golden essence which are usually hard to get and really expensive.

    (It is daily draw so you got 6 chances to win)

    Most of the time is all about patience and spend your coupon wisely.

    As for power progression, try to maximize your Ninjas Assist and Secret scrolls for more overall team power up.

    And also focus equipment refine, charms magatama, runes on P1 ninja then P2 and so forth.

    Hope these advices help.

It does! Thanks for the reply. I'll wait around for the froggy event then. I appreciate the info helps alot.

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  • ExcaliZero On 2021-11-07 22:43:38
  • As a 3mil player, dont. It's not worth spending money on the game. Find a better hobby xD

Hello Thanks for your reply!
to be honest I just have fun in general playing the game, I understand the monetization of this game is pretty insane but the other games I play really dont have a cash entry as much as this game so I dont mind spending money on the game in the long run. At this time I really am most likely going to spend some kind of money on the game I just wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of doing it instead of falling into one of the many traps this game presents when spending currency. We really dont have that many interesting naruto games in general and this one has a really fun gameplay loop I feel. For any sane person though not playing the game is an understandable recommendation. :P

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