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[ Help ] Any Veteran Players Have Power Up Advice?


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The game has changed a lot, since it's debut, for a publisher like Oasis Games in the English domain. One has to admit that the players that stay had travelled a very long route. No one knows how much longer it can last. Particularly seeing as things almost always seems to be on a wavy path.

Coming in on the game at this stage pass the early golden years is kind of late if you had asked me. But it really makes little difference to many players who are just here for what they enjoy doing. A good number are simply those unwillingly to let go of their invested efforts in the years back.

Time is precious, so are memories and the years that some core gamers spend in the games aren't what the average ones can let go so easily. For those who are getting a hang on the new way the game works, it totally depends how far you plan ahead. How long you intend to star with the game, etc, etc. .

Few people are able to star with just one game a lifetime without getting bored, frustrated or somewhat desperate at not being able to pass certain milestones. Play, take breaks as usual, do what you need to do, but most of all, if you gonna play a game, have fun while you are at it.

Imo at this stage if your chasing rankings on your server, power up advises are plentifully found in the strategy section. However my personal take is to play the game the way you find worth while, and at that: power up when you are ready for the challenge. Welcome and hope you have fun at it.

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