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[ Lineup ] Edo Minato Lineup Help Please (Will change any main)


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Hello! I am seeking guidance on who to build with my Edo Tensei Minato, he is 4 star with gold BT on everything except Chase and Standard. I am fairly new to the server I am and it has just merged sitting at 60k power, I have a handful of decent ninjas but am no means a whale just a low-mid spender and am just looking to build a team with what I have and looking for advice on what to theoretically obtain to transition my team into later game team. I am using Wind main but will swap to any main if there is a viable team with the units I have. Didnt include the base ninjas you get by playing only included the ninjas I think are useful that I have in my arsenal. I know eventually I probably need to get my hands on the 3 kage to use red seal barrier bond but for me thatll probably be far into the late game as they will take awhile to obtain.

Thanks for your time and help ninjas!


Jiraya [Toad Chant] 3*

Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] 4*

Hinata [Wedding Dress] 3*

Kakuzu [Akatsuki's Creation] 3*

Kimimaro [Halloween] 3*

Gaara [base] 4*

Tenten [GNW] 3*

Konan [Frog Squad] 3*

Kakashi 3*

Kakashi [Beheading Sword] 3*

Tsunade [Sannin War] 3*

Hinata [GNW] 2*

Rin Nohara 2*

Ay [Third Raikage] 3* (12 frags 4*)

Hashirama [New Year] 3*

Hinata [Cloak] 2*

Genma Shiranui 3*

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  • AustinIñf On 2021-11-06 03:12:51
  • From what I see you can .use Minato + Kimimaro + Kakuzu.

    Which summons do you have?

At the moment my summons are lacking, I have the basic summons you get from just doing the daily captures.
For purple summons I only have Chameleon, Illusion Crow, White Tiger, Kyushoku Deer, and Gamachu.

Ive been using Kimmi Minato and Kakuzu but the way i've been doing it for now is Pos 1 Kimmi, Pos 2 Minato, Pos 3 Wind Main, and Pos 4 Kakuzu

I plan to use Minato pos 1 late game as I'm sure thats how you're suppose to use him in an ideal setup. Do you think there is any setup in particular that Minato is just suppose to fit into ? I plan to push the Kimmi Kakuzu and Minato as far as I can but late late game im not sure if there is a better option probably is but personally I don't know. Also would you say wind main fits Minato best?

Thanks for your reply!

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  • AustinIñf On 2021-11-06 06:13:05
  • alchemist

    It's the best thing I could think of for early game. Maybe other players would have other ideas.

I'll keep an eye on the forum for sure, thank you for taking the time to post! I will try this formation and pos 1 minato instead of Kimmi. I really appreciate it.

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  • Korren On 2021-11-14 23:10:09
  • I will be honest, Edo Minato ain't what he used to be. About a year ago he was a top meta but now he doesn't stand up that well to the top threats, so I wouldn't consider using him into the late game now. Especially if you don't have his chase fully BT, since that is his main method of scaling. But if I were to suggest a team for you right now, I'd say this:

    2021-11-14 10_06_24-Konoha Proxy

    I could be wrong, but if you don't have Minato's bond skill barrier I don't think Jiraiya's barrier should prevent him from using his mystery. Tho if it does, you can discard this team and just go with the Kimimaro/Kakuzu one recommended above. Kimimaro and Minato are good together, but I would say if you only have 60k power right now, unless that puts you in the top 10-15 of your server, that team won't work very well outside of arena in matches. It's a blitz team that isn't going to do well against higher power opponents.

    Good luck!

I see, I played when Minato was god tier so I assumed it was the same story. My counter question, what pos 1 ninjas are the go tos now? I have around 85k coupons saved , since then gained to 100k power. So realistically I can go for about any ninja. Thanks for the time to answer my question! I will definitely try this out for the time being since its what I have right now. Also picked up Toad Chant Jiraiya. Thanks in advance !

I also noticed that even without using Red Seal Barrier, Jiraiya still CC locks minato from using his. Which in my case I guess isn't that big a deal since I can't proc minatos mystery round 1 with BT just unlucky with it like 2k protections lol.

But very much interested in what ninja my next step should be, pretty relieved to hear he isnt really top tier anymore though considering i've felt he hasn't been as strong in many fights when I do get him going.

Outside of obvious choices I guess I know 6p Naruto is probably still in a good spot or Edo Madara. Next Fuku looks like rage obito is in there too but I don't think he would be a good fit either.

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  • AustinIñf On 2021-11-18 23:16:38
  • If you have this many coupons, I'd say wait for the big fuku we're supposed to get in December and get yourself a 6pNaruto if you wanna go for the best pos 1 ninja for non whales. If you wanna spend now though, there IS 6pNaruto in this week's fuku, he replaced Obito.

    Edo Madara is still fun as pos 1 as well and he's not that bad if you have the right team. I'm running Edo Madara + Nagato + Edo Sasori + Fire main, full BT, and it's actually good and fun to use.

Thanks for the reply! In your opinion what are the better paid ninjas to go for? I saved a bunch of coupons so far but I am planning to delve into a tsuko event around January, obviously If I did that I'd have one of the big 3 pos 1 ninjas so I guess that's my answer but didn't know if there was certain options that were just better. Haven't kept up with the meta really and all the tier lists I find appear to be outdated pretty bad.

I'll look into the fuku for december though the coupons are burning a hole in my pocket haha but one more month for a big fuku would be worth it.

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  • Korren On 2021-11-19 23:09:52
  • Ok I didn't realize Jiraiya still locked Minato's mystery even without the bond skill. That's pretty wack but whatever, weird interactions like that are to be expected at this point.

    Naruto SOSP is basically the best P1 ninja you can get for coupons right now. Edo Madara is also good, but I would not go for him right now since you have Toad Jiraiya and Madara is a barrier ninja. In terms of Infinite Tsuki ninjas, I don't know exactly who will be in the packs for January but it's probably gonna be GNW Orochimaru (who is a great support but not really a pos 1 ninja), Six Paths Tendo Pain (he is a good P1, I'd say he's probably in the same tier or a little higher than SOSP Naruto), and maybe 10t Jinchuriki Obito. 10t Obito (with BT) is pretty much the best p1 ninja in the game right now but he's really expensive and you need to have him 4* for his BT.

Yeah it is unfortunate and on the same side I also think Edo Tensei Hashi can break his barrier too for some reason, think I seen it happen a few times. I appreciate the info on the pos 1 ninjas. Since I was planning to do a tsuko I was looking into Obito most likely but I would have to get the 4* like you said which can take some time. Pain seems like a good option then since it's just ready to use out the gate At 3*. I think i'll just hold the coupons and plan on getting pain and orochi or spend on power for the time being and hold out until the tsuko.

Thanks a ton!

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